Kennebec Valley Trail ATV Trails
Kennebec Valley Trail

 Maine  |    July 29, 2022

North of Augusta, the Kennebec Valley Trail is a 14 mile ATV route along the Kennebec River. The route offers spectacular views that take riders along the edge of the Kennebec River from Embden through Solon to Bingham.

Moose Trail ATV Trails
Moose Trail

 Maine  |    July 28, 2022

Near Rangeley and Stratton, the Moose Trail is a 138 mile ATV riding network of shared roads and trails. It is maintained by seven ATV clubs.

Grand Lake-Stillwater Pass Trails ATV Trails
Grand Lake-Stillwater Pass Trails

 Grand Lake, Colorado  |    July 23, 2022

North of Granby and northwest of Grand Lake in the Arapaho National Forest, the Stillwater Pass and Grand Lake Trail Systems offer dozens of miles of roads for ATV riders to explore. The two main trailheads includ the Idleglen Trailhead and the Supply Creek Trailhead.

Frenchville ATV Trail ATV Trails
Frenchville ATV Trail

 Maine  |    July 19, 2022

Between Frenchville and Edmundston in northeastern Maine, the Frenchville ATV Trail System is a 26 mile forested network. These ATV trails connect the town of Frenchville to St Agatha and Fort Kent.

Turner ATV Trails ATV Trails
Turner ATV Trails

 Maine  |    July 4, 2022

West of Augusta, the Turner area has a forested 20 mile ATV trail system on the west side of the Androscoggin River. The trails are spread across the Androscoggin Riverlands State Park lands and numerous private property lands.

Whistle Stop Trail ATV Trails
Whistle Stop Trail

 Maine  |    June 1, 2022

South of Farmington, the Whistle Stop Trail is a 15 mile ATV route running from Jay To Farmington. This Jay To Farmington Trail runs along an old railroad grade that has a mixed sand, dirt and gravel surface.

Breckenridge ATV Trails

 Colorado  |    April 26, 2022

East of Breckenridge in the White River National Forest, there is excellent ATV riding along the Continental Divide above Breckenridge. There are several dirt roads along the forks of the Swan River leading up towards the Continental Divide.

Dead Horse Run ATV Trail ATV Trails
Dead Horse Run ATV Trail

 Chequamegon, Wisconsin  |    April 25, 2022

From Loretta to Clam Lake, the Dead Horse Run ATV Trail (aka Great Divide Trail) is a challenging 56 mile ATV route on forest trails. The Dead Horse Run ATV Trail offer a scenic ATV ride along the East Fork of the Chippewa River and has a view of Dead Horse Slough. There are two ATV trailheads for the Dead Horse Run ATV Trail.

Osceola National Forest ATV Trails
Osceola National Forest

 Jacksonville, Florida  |    April 24, 2022

West of Jacksonville near Lake City, the 200,000 acre Osceola National Forest has many oportunities for ATV riding. Only licensed ATV may be ridden on numbered forest roads.

Summerhaven ATV Trails

 Maine  |    April 22, 2022

North of Augusta and west of Summerhaven in southwestern Maine, the Summerhaven Area is mainly known as an open riding area but also has a 5 mile trail open to ATV riding. The riding area is spread over 130 acres.

Duck Lake Trail ATV Trails
Duck Lake Trail

 Maine  |    March 20, 2022

East of Burlington in Penobscot County, the Duck Lake Trail system is a 30 mile network of shared use roads that are open to ATV riding. These roads surround the Duck Lake Public Reserved Land.

Dry Creek ATV Trail ATV Trails
Dry Creek ATV Trail

 Montrose, Colorado  |    March 19, 2022

Northwest of Montrose, the Dry Creek Recreation Area has miles of ATV riding trails. The main dirt roads, including Dry Creek Road and Rim Road, are perfect for side-by-side riding.

Glamis Dunes ATV Trails
Glamis Dunes

 San Diego, California  |    March 18, 2022

West of Yuma (AZ) and far east of San Diego, the Glamis Dunes (aka Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area) is an ATV riders paradise (aka Algodones Dunes). These rolling white dunes are sculped by the intense winds constantly blowing through the Imperial Valley. This 40-mile-long Glamis dune system is one of the largest in the United States.

Alpine Tunnel ATV Trails
Alpine Tunnel

 St Elmo, Colorado  |    March 16, 2022

Northwest of Salida and southwest of Buena Vista in the San Isabel National Forest, the Alpine Tunnel route is a popular ATV destination. The old narrow gauge railroad grade is now the bed of FS 295 and has been recently renovated.