Best Moab ATV Trails

The Moab area has 5 atv trails out of the 77 all terrain vehicle rides found in Utah.

  August 17, 2016

Located in Utah, the ATV trails in Moab is known for five fun ATV trails. The best Moab ATV trails based on popularity are considered to be Amasa Back Trail, Chicken Corners Trail, Top Of The World Trail, White Wash Sand Dunes, and Hey Joe Canyon ATV Trail.

Where Can I Ride ATVs In Moab?

FEATURED:  Amasa Back Trail

  Moab, Utah

  July 11, 2016

West of Moab, the Amasa Back Trail is an out-and-back ATV ride ranging from 10 to 18 miles depending upon how far out you go. This challenging ride following rugged jeep road over rocks, slickrock, sand and ledges.

FEATURED:  Chicken Corners Trail

  Moab, Utah

  June 30, 2016

Southwest of Moab, the Chicken Corners Trail is a 43 mile ATV route along the Colorado River gorge. The route follows scenic Kane Springs Canyon and then climbs the Kane Creek anticline to Hurrah Pass. Then it descends to benches above the river. The route ends about 400 feet above the river across from Dead Horse Point.

FEATURED:  Top Of The World Trail

  Moab, Utah

  July 15, 2016

North of Moab, the Top Of The World Trail is a well marked route following a wide rough road that is open to ATV riding. It will take you up to the 7,000 foot viewpoint at Top of the World. You can use Rose Garden Hill and Onion Creek Trails to complete a loop.