Best Springfield ATV Trails

The Springfield area has 10 atv trails out of the 13 all terrain vehicle rides found in Missouri.

  September 9, 2019

Located in Missouri, the ATV trails in Springfield offers more than a half-dozen beautiful ATV riding trails. The best Springfield ATV trails based on popularity are considered to be Chadwick ATV Trails, Sutton Bluff, Mill Creek Park, South Fork Dirt Riders, and Brushy Ridge Motorsports.

Where Can I Ride ATVs In Springfield?

FEATURED:  Chadwick ATV Trails

  Springfield, Missouri

  February 23, 2019

Southeast of Springfield, the Chadwick ATV Area is an 80 mile trail network. The dozens of trails weave among thick stands of oak, hickory and pine spread over a 12 square mile area. There are steep climbs over 400 feet pitches lined with tire-tossing talus.

FEATURED:  Sutton Bluff

  Springfield, Missouri

  August 9, 2016

Southeast of Springfield and northwest of Centerville, the Sutton Bluff ATV Trail System is a network of 20+ miles of trails open to ATV riding. There are 20 orange-blazed routes follow ridgelines or hollow bottoms through oak and pine forest.

FEATURED:  Harpole Heartland ATV Area

  Springfield, Illinois

  July 11, 2016

Southwest of Springfield, the Harpole Heartland Lodge has 1,200 acres open to ATV riding. There are 40 miles of rolling trials through forest and prairie.

FEATURED:  Brushy Ridge Motorsports

  Springfield, Illinois

  July 15, 2016

Northwest of Springfield near Astoria, the Brushy Ridge Motorsports area has 300 acres with 20 miles of trails open to ATV riding. There is a range of riding options from beginner to most difficult including narrow trails and hill climbing.

FEATURED:  Clark County

  Springfield, Illinois

  September 17, 2018

Southeast of Springfield near Marshall in Clark County, there are 15 miles of trails open to ATV riding. The terrain varies from easy to difficult with steep hill climbs.