Best Kansas ATV Trails

Kansas has 5 all terrain vehicle rides.

  September 17, 2018

Located in the US, the ATV trails in Kansas is known for five fun ATV trails. The best Kansas ATV trails based on popularity are considered to be Perry Lake, Cimarron National Grasslands, Lake Pomona, Tuttle Creek ATV Area, and School Creek ATV Area. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Kansas ATV trails trail below.

Where Can I Ride ATVs In Kansas?

FEATURED:  Perry Lake

  Topeka, Kansas

  August 20, 2016

East of Topeka and north of Lawrence, the Perry Lake area has 10 miles of trails open to ATV riding through deep forest. These trails are often muddy with lots of ruts. The Perry Lake ATV and Motorcycle Trail encompasses over 140 acres of easy to difficult terrain.

FEATURED:  Lake Pomona

  Topeka, Kansas

  August 5, 2016

South of Topeka and north of Lyndon, the Lake Pomona area has a 115 acre trail riding area through woodland and praire. There are some steep climbs and rocks, as well as some easier trails for beginners and kids. This riding area is very family-oriented.

FEATURED:  Tuttle Creek ATV Area

  Topeka, Kansas

  June 26, 2016

Northwest of Topeka and southeast of Randolph, the Tuttle Creek ORV Area has 310 acres open to ATV riding. There are miles of trails with steep climbs, sharp turns, and rugged terrain await the off-road enthusiast.

FEATURED:  School Creek ATV Area

  Topeka, Kansas

  September 17, 2018

West of Topeka and northwest of Junction City, the School Creek ORV Area has 287 acres open to ATV riding. It is restricted to vehicles that are 50 inches wide or less. There is an east and west side riding areas from the parking lot.