Best Nebraska ATV Trails

Nebraska has 6 all terrain vehicle rides.

  September 19, 2018

Located in the US, the ATV trails in Nebraska offers a half-dozen good ATV/Quad riding options. The best Nebraska ATV trails based on popularity are considered to be Dismal River Trail, McKelvie National Forest, River Valley OHV Park, Big Elk Park, and Harlan County Lake ATV Area. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Nebraska ATV trails trail below.

Where Can I Ride ATVs In Nebraska?

FEATURED:  Dismal River Trail


  March 31, 2018

North of North Platte and southwest of Dunning, the Dismal River Trail is a 11 mile one-way route open to ATV riders. The loose-sand route runs from the Dismal River Trailhead to the NFS Whitetail Campground. The trail is limited to vehicles 52 wide.

FEATURED:  River Valley OHV Park


  June 28, 2016

Southeast of Omaha, the 350 acre River Valley OHV Park has trails open to ATV riding. The park has a winding, looping trail network through dense forest along the eastern shoreline of the Missouri River. This area is prone to flooding, so the trails may be wet early season.

FEATURED:  Big Elk Park


  June 30, 2016

Northeast of Macy, the Omaha Tribe Big Elk Park has ATV trails open to riding. There are about 21 miles of trails open to ATV riding between Big Elk Park and the adjacent Rock Recreation Area.