Best Oregon ATV Trails

Oregon has 44 all terrain vehicle rides.

  March 27, 2019

Located in the US, the ATV trails in Oregon offers over thirty ATV trail routes from which to choose. The best Oregon ATV trails based on popularity are considered to be East Fort Rock OHV - Camp II Trailhead, Sand Lake Recreation Area, South Jetty To Siltcoos, Winchester Trail System, and Huckleberry Flat OHV Trail. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Oregon ATV trails trail below.

Where Can I Ride ATVs In Oregon?


Oregon ATV Trails Resources

FEATURED:  Winchester Trail System


  July 12, 2016

Southwest of Salem and south of Coos Bay, the Winchester Trail System is a 30 mile network of trails and roads open to ATV riding. This area is very popular with horseback riders, so keep an eye out for them. The trails are maintained by the South Coast Trail Riders.

FEATURED:  Sand Lake Recreation Area

  Eugene, Oregon

  August 5, 2016

Southwest of Eugene near Hebo, the Sand Lake Recreation Area has amazing dunes open to ATV riding along the Oregon coast. This is a very popular area with local ATV riders.

FEATURED:  Christmas Valley Sand Dunes


  July 29, 2016

North of Lakeview near Christmas Valley, the 8,000 acre Christmas Lake Sand Dunes has plenty of easy to moderate ATV riding opportunities. It is located about 80 miles southeast of Bend and 80 miles north of Lakeview.

FEATURED:  Green Mountain OHV Trail

  Prineville, Oregon

  July 9, 2016

Northeast of Prineville in the Ochoco National Forest, the Green Mountain system is 8.5-mile ATV trail winds along open ridge tops, which offer spectacular views, and passes through beautiful old growth ponderosa pine stands. This trail offers a wide range of scenic views and riding experiences.

FEATURED:  Grassy Flat Staging Area

  Upper Nestucca OHV Area, Oregon

  August 8, 2016

Southwest of Portland and southeast of Tillamook, the Upper Nestucca OHV Trail System has over 100 miles of trails open to ATV riding. There are three staging areas with a trail network centered around each.

FEATURED:  Huckleberry Flat OHV Trail


  April 4, 2018

North of Oakridge in the Willamette National Forest, the Huckleberry Flat OHV Trail is a 15 mile route open to ATV riding. It is located 15 miles north of Oakridge.

FEATURED:  Santiam Pass OHV Area

  Bend, Oregon

  March 31, 2018

Northwest of Bend and Sisters in the Cascade Mountains, the Santiam Pass OHV Area has 1,500 acres open to ATV riding through cinder cones and lava flows. The routes are on trails and old roads. The conditions are loose and sandy.

FEATURED:  Browns Camp OHV Area

  Tillamook, Oregon

  July 3, 2016

West of Portland and east of Tillamook, the Tillamook State Forest has 200 miles of trails open to ATV riding. The Browns Camp area has more than 100 miles of easy to difficult routes for ATV.

FEATURED:  Shotgun Area

  Eugene, Oregon

  August 16, 2016

Northeast of Eugene near Mabel, the Shotgun OHV Area has 6,000 acres open to ATV riding. The routes roll through pine forest. The trails here cover a highly modified landscape crossing many logging roads and through a forest of second growth Douglas-fir growing in tree plantations.

FEATURED:  Diamond Mill OHV Area

  Tillamook, Oregon

  August 6, 2016

West of Portland and east of Tillamook, the Tillamook State Forest has 200 miles of trails open to ATV riding. The Diamond Mill OHV Area has 100 miles of trails through steep, rocky mountains.