Best Utah ATV Trails

Located in the US, the ATV trails in Utah offers over fifty ATV trail routes from which to choose. The best Utah ATV trails based on popularity are considered to be Paiute ATV Trail, Amasa Back Trail, Chicken Corners Trail, Red Canyon, and Knolls ATV Area. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Utah ATV trails trail below.

Amasa Back Trail

Amasa Basin

American Fork Canyon

Antimony Lake ATV Trail

Arapeen ATV Trail

Barney Top ATV Trail

Basset Springs Loop

Boulder Swale ATV Trail

Brown Hole Trail

Burbank Hills

Casto Canyon Trail

Cedar Hollow ATV Trail System

Chicken Corners Trail

Conger Mountain

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Cottonwood Road

Cricket Mountains

Davis Flat ATV Trail

Deadhorse ATV Trail

Death Canyon Trail

Deep Lake Trail System

Devils Racetrack Trail

Dry Gulch Loop

Elk Park Loop Trail

Five Mile Pass OHV Area

Fremont ATV Trail

Frontier ATV Trail

Goblin Valley

Gooseberry ATV Trails

Grass Lake ATV Trail

Great Western Trail

Griffin Top ATV Trail

Highline Trail

Hoyt Peak Trail

Jacob Lake Loop

Knolls ATV Area

Lily Lake ATV Trail System

Little Sahara Recreation Area

Millville Canyon Trail

Mineral Fork ATV Trail

Murdock Basin ATV Trail System

Old Carter Trail

Outlaw ATV Trail

Paiute ATV Trail

Patton ATV Trail

Paunsaugunt - Badger Creek Loop

Paunsaugunt - Coyote Hollow Loop

Paunsaugunt - Crawford Pass Loop

Paunsaugunt - Daves Hollow Loop

Paunsaugunt - King Creek Loop

Paunsaugunt - Straight Canyon Loop

Paunsaugunt ATV Trail

Petty Mountain Loop

Pinchot ATV Trail

Pine Lake Trail

Poison Creek Trail

Public Grove ATV Trail

Raft River Mountains

Range Study Loop

Red Canyon

Rosebud ATV Trail

Sand Mountain

Shoshone Trail - East

Shoshone Trail - West

Silver Island Mountains Loop

Slader Ridge Trail

Soapstone Basin ATV Riding Area

Strawberry Ridge / Currant Creek

Taylor Fork ATV Trail System

Three Peaks Recreation Area

Top Of The World Trail

White Wash Sand Dunes

Yellowstone ATV Trailhead

Yuba OHV Trail

Zion Ponderosa ATV Resort

Published:   Modified: 8/16/2016