Best US Mountain Biking

US has 50 rides.

  January 15, 2020

Located in North America, the mountain biking in US offers over one hundred mountain bike trail routes from which to choose. The best US mountain biking based on popularity are can be found in Colorado, California, Georgia, Washington, and Arizona. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a US mountain biking region below.

Where Can I Mountain Bike In US?

FEATURED:  Oak Mountain State Park

  Birmingham, Alabama

  August 15, 2016

Located 15 miles south of Birmingham near Pelham, the 9,940 acre Oak Mountain State Park has 13 mountain bike trails totaling 30 miles. The 17 mile Red Trail has ten miles of singletrack through pine-studded, magnolia-covered ridges and lush green valleys. The trail has some sharp switchbacks and killer technical sections.

FEATURED:  Kincaid Park Trails

  Anchorage, Alaska

  July 20, 2016

Near Anchorage, the 50km Kincaid Park Trail system for mountain biking where you may see some moose. It is built over old glacial morraine. There are miles and miles of fast double track trails that go up down and all around. Nothing very technical but very fast ant fun.

FEATURED:  Estrella Mountain Regional Park

  Phoenix, Arizona

  August 3, 2016

Located southwest of Phoenix, the rugged 19,800 acre Estrella Mountain Regional Park has a network of trails ranging from 5 to 30 miles through spectacular mountain scenery. The infrequently traveled trails are refreshing compared to the crowds at South Mountain Park. In addition to the main trail network, there is a Competitive Track located just east of the main park with a trailhead near the Phoenix International Raceway at the very south end of El Mirage Road.

FEATURED:  Cheaha Express Trail

  Birmingham, Alabama

  October 18, 2018

East of Birmingham and south of Anniston, the 2,800 acre Cheaha State Park has a 4 loop trail system cut around Mt. Cheana, which is the highest point in the state. The most popular mountain bike trail is the Cheaha Express beginning from the Bald Rock Parking Area. Also known as the Mountain Express Trail, it is fast, rocky and technical route that is marked with yellow blazes. The Cheaha State Park is completely within the Talladega National Forest.

FEATURED:  Monte Sano State Park


  July 20, 2016

East of Huntsville, the 2,140 acre Monte Sano State Park has a 30 mile singletrack loop with limited stretchs of doubletrack and pavement. The trails are very rocky with lots of tough short climbs and numerous switchbacks.

FEATURED:  South Mountain Park

  Phoenix, Arizona

  August 6, 2016

Southeast of Phoenix and west of Guadalupe, the 16,500 acre South Mountain Park is a vast and rugged riparian mountain range that is part of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve System. Keep an eye out for scorpions and desert tortoises near the saguaros! From the Pima Canyon mountain bike trailhead, a great 15 mile loop can be formed by combining the National Trail heading westbound and the Desert Classic Trail for the eastbound return.

FEATURED:  Black Warrior Trail


  June 29, 2016

North of Addison near Brushy Lake in the Bankhead National Forest, the Black Warrior Trail System (aka Owl Creek) has about 30 miles of trails from easy to moderate which can form great loops. The trails are marked regularly with colored metal diamonds.

FEATURED:  Eklutna Lakeside Bike Trail

  Anchorage, Alaska

  July 28, 2016

Northeast of Anchorage and Eagle River in the Chugach State Park, the Eklutna Lakeside Trail is a 12.7 mile one-way route to the Eklutna Glacier with a 300 feet elevation gain. It runs along an abandoned roadbed. Trail follows lakeshore for 7 miles, then onto glacial gravel bars. Last mile is footpath through glacial debris. There are views of steep canyon walls, waterfalls and Eklutna Glacier.

FEATURED:  Fantasy Island

  Tucson, Arizona

  October 18, 2018

Near Tucson and just east of Davis-Monthan AFB, the new Fantasy Island area has an awesome network of mountain bike trails with four major loops spread over ugly greasewood flats desert on State Lands. Don't miss the Bunny Flats and Christmas Tree Loop. Keep an eye out fo Gila Monsters and Mojave Rattlesnakes.

FEATURED:  Bartram Trail


  July 2, 2016

Northeast of Tuskegee in the Tuskegee National Forest, a 8.6 mile stretch of the Bartram National Recreation Trail passes through the Tuskegee National Forest. This scenic section of the Bartram National Recreation Trail wanders for 8.6 miles through hardwood ravines and along pine ridges.