Mines & Meadows Dirt Biking
Mines & Meadows

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  |    March 27, 2020

Northwest of Pittsburgh and south of Wampum, Mines & Meadows has 84 miles of dirt bike trails spread over 877 acres. There is also an 8 mile singletrack for dirt bikers that offers a real challenge.

Creekside Motocross Dirt Biking
Creekside Motocross

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  |    March 25, 2020

South of Pittsburgh near West Newton, the Creekside Motocross has a mx track and a peewee track. The tracks are open to all ranges of riders from beginner to expert.

Breezewood Proving Grounds Dirt Biking
Breezewood Proving Grounds

 Pennsylvania  |    March 25, 2020

South of Breezewood near Mattie, the Breezewood Proving Grounds has three motocross tracks for a range of skill levels. The tracks are filled with stepups, banked berms, doubles and tabletops.

Waiparous Ghost Dirt Biking
Waiparous Ghost

 Alberta, Canada  |    March 22, 2020

Northwest of Calgary and Cochrane in the Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve, the Waiparous/Ghost Area has miles of trails open to dirt bike riding. The trails generally run east to west and lead through dense forest.

Whiskey Creek Riding Area Dirt Biking
Whiskey Creek Riding Area

 Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada  |    March 20, 2020

North of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, the Whiskey Creek riding area has about 25km of dirt biking trails. These offroad motorcycle routes wind through dense forest.

Nickelmine Riding Area Dirt Biking
Nickelmine Riding Area

 British Columbia, Canada  |    March 18, 2020

Northeast of Chilliwack and north of Hope, the BC Nickelmine Riding Area tailing ponds area has 100km of routes open to dirt bike riding. The trails are idea for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders.

Vedder Mountain Dirt Biking
Vedder Mountain

 Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada  |    March 18, 2020

Southwest of Chilliwack, the Vedder Mountain trail system is a 200km of dirt bike riding routes. It is known as a very techincal riding area, but there are a few sections for beginners and intermediates.

South Cow Mountain Dirt Biking
South Cow Mountain

 Ukiah, California  |    March 6, 2020

East of Ukiah, the 60,000 acre South Cow Mountain OHV Recreation Area has 200 miles of dirt biking routes on roads and trails. The terrain is rugged, consisting mostly of steep, chaparral-covered slopes with scattered stands of fir, pine and oak.

Fort Sage ORV Area Dirt Biking
Fort Sage ORV Area

 Sacramento, California  |    March 5, 2020

Northeast of Sacramento and Doyle, the Fort Sage OHV Area miles of trails open to off-road motorcycle trails riding. This OHV area consists of approximately 22,000 acres of public land that is managed primarily for off highway vehicle use.

Alamo Mountain Loop Dirt Biking
Alamo Mountain Loop

 Ojai, California  |    March 4, 2020

South of Frazier Park in the Los Padres National Forest, the Alamo Mountain Loop is a 20 mile loop open to off-road motorcycle trails riding. It is mostly level, but does have some narrow stretches and blind corners.

Baldy Mesa / Cleghorn Ridge / Marshall Peak Dirt Biking
Baldy Mesa / Cleghorn Ridge / Marshall Peak

 Los Angeles, California  |    March 3, 2020

Northeast of San Bernardino and west of Silverwood Lake in the San Bernardino National Forest, the popular Cleghorn Ridge dirt biking area has routes that interconnect with both Baldy Mesa and Marshall Peak. In total, there are 20+ miles of off-road motorcycle trails to explore.

Perry State Forest Dirt Biking
Perry State Forest

 Ohio  |    March 2, 2020

Southwest of Zanesville and southeast of Somerset, the 4,567 acre Perry State Forest has 16 miles of very popular and challenging APV trails that are open to dirt biking. This trail system is considered by many riders to be the most popular dirt biking destination in Ohio.

Sunnyside Paradise Dirt Biking
Sunnyside Paradise

 Atlanta, Georgia  |    February 5, 2020

Southeast of Atlanta near Wrens, the Sunnyside ATV Paradise has a motocross track and dirt biking trails. While it is mainly known for it's ATV action, it still welcomes dirt bikers.

Pro Edge Motosports Dirt Biking
Pro Edge Motosports

 Georgia  |    February 5, 2020

Southeast of Chattanooga and northwest of Ringgold, the Pro Edge Motosports offers a family friendly park with a peewee track and a motocross track. The tracks are typically open during the week for practice, while they are used for races on Saturdays.