Rider Hill Motocross Dirt Biking
Rider Hill Motocross

 Vermont  |    November 8, 2022

North of Montpelier near Derby, the Rider Hill Motocross has a one mile motocross racing track. The groomed track is on the side of a hill located in rolling farm lands.

Croom Motorcyle Area Dirt Biking
Croom Motorcyle Area

 Tampa, Florida  |    November 7, 2022

North of Tampa and east of Brooksville, the 145,000 acre Withlacoochee State Forest has pine uplands, cypress swamps and river bottom woodlands. At the Croom Motorcycle Area, dirt bikers will find many miles of trails from easy to challenging that are spread over 2,600 acres.

Buffalo Mountain Dirt Biking
Buffalo Mountain

 Tennessee  |    November 6, 2022

South of Johnson City and north of Erwin in the Cherokee National Forest, the Buffalo Mountain Trail is a 13 mile dirt biking route along the namesake mountain. This scenic and challenging ride has over 1,000 feet of vertical climbing.

Corral Canyon Dirt Biking
Corral Canyon

 San Diego, California  |    November 4, 2022

East of San Diego and Alpine near Buckman Springs in the Cleveland National Forest, the Corral Canyon OHV Area has over 1,800 acres of off-road motorcycle trails riding through very rugged terrain. To reach the trailhead from San Diego, head east on US8 past El Cajon and Alpine (about 45 miles east of San Diego). Just past the Pine Valley exit, use the Buckman Springs Road exit and follow signs to Morena Creek.

Perry State Forest Dirt Biking
Perry State Forest

 Columbus, Ohio  |    November 3, 2022

Southwest of Zanesville and southeast of Somerset, the 4,567 acre Perry State Forest has 16 miles of very popular and challenging APV trails that are open to dirt biking. This trail system is considered by many riders to be the most popular dirt biking destination in Ohio.

Escondido Draw Recreation Area Dirt Biking
Escondido Draw Recreation Area

 Texas  |    May 28, 2022

South of Midland and southwest of Ozona in Crockett County, the Escondido Draw Recreation Area has 3,400 acres open to dirt biking. The scenic 35 mile singletrack trail system is operated and maintained by the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition.

Sovereign Trail Dirt Biking
Sovereign Trail

 Moab, Utah  |    May 16, 2022

North of Moab, the Sovereign Trail System is a relatively new trail system that is open to dirt biking. There are two concentric routes in this area.

Ogemaw Hills Trail Dirt Biking
Ogemaw Hills Trail

 Traverse City, Michigan  |    May 10, 2022

East of Traverse City near Rose City in Ogemaw County, the Ogemaw Hills Trails are two loops open to dirt bike riding. One loop is 5 miles and the other loop is 11 miles.

Terrace Motocross Park Dirt Biking
Terrace Motocross Park

 Prince George, British Columbia, Canada  |    May 6, 2022

West of Prince George and southeast of Terrace, the Terrace Motocross Park has a national-style motocross track with a mix of sand and loam. There are plenty of tabletops, off-camber turns and berms.

Tansky ORV Riding Area Dirt Biking
Tansky ORV Riding Area

 Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada  |    May 5, 2022

West of Victoria in the Jordan River region, the Tansky ORV Riding Area has 50km+ of dirt biking trails spread over 20 square kilometers. This trail system is maintained by the Victoria Motorcycle Club and the Juan de Fuca Enduro Riders.

Tecumseh Trails Offroad Dirt Biking
Tecumseh Trails Offroad

 Columbus, Ohio  |    May 4, 2022

Southeast of Columbus and south of New Lexington, the Tecumseh Trails Offroad has over 45 miles of trails spread over 1,000 acres that are open to dirt biking. These wider tracks roll over hills, across streams and through muddy stretches.

Whiskey Creek Riding Area Dirt Biking
Whiskey Creek Riding Area

 Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada  |    May 4, 2022

North of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, the Whiskey Creek riding area has about 25km of dirt biking trails. These offroad motorcycle routes wind through dense forest.

Rocket MX Dirt Biking
Rocket MX

 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  |    May 1, 2022

West of Harrisburg near Three Springs, the Rocket MX park has a 1.2 mile natural-terrain motocross track. It is open on Saturdays for dirt bikes and on Sundays for both bikes and quads. To reach Rocket Raceway Motocross Park from the Turnpike, use Exit #180 for Fort Littleton.

Fox Valley Off Road Dirt Biking
Fox Valley Off Road

 Joliet, Illinois  |    April 26, 2022

Southwest of Chicago and north of Ottawa, the Fox Valley Off Road area has 10 miles of off-road motorcycle trails riding over 105 acres. The trails are bi-directional and are not well-marked.