Best Elko Dirt Bike Trails

The Elko area has 6 dirt bike trails out of the 30 offroad motorcycling rides found in Nevada.

  March 29, 2018

Located in Nevada, the dirt biking in Elko offers a half-dozen good dirt bike riding options. The best Elko dirt biking based on popularity are considered to be Immigrant Trail, Spruce Mountain, Stag Mountain, Harrison Pass / Corral Creek, and School Creek / Sherman Creek. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Elko dirt biking trail below.

Where Can I Dirt Bike In Elko?

FEATURED:  Immigrant Trail

  Elko, Nevada

  August 16, 2016

In northeastern Elko County, a stretch of the Immigrant Trail follows a 96 mile dirt biking route along gravel roads. The route runs northeast from Wells to the northeast corner of Nevada. More than 40 miles of the route from the Winecup Ranch to Little Goose Creek parallels the California National Historic Trail. The old wagon wheel trail ruts are still visible in many locations.

FEATURED:  Harrison Pass / Corral Creek

  Elko, Nevada

  March 29, 2018

South of Elko and Jiggs, the Harrison Pass / Corral Creek area has multiple dirt bike trails for all levels of riding. The summits overlook sweeping vistas of the Ruby Valley and Ruby Lake.

FEATURED:  Spruce Mountain

  Elko, Nevada

  June 27, 2016

Southeast of Elko and south of Wells, the Spruce Mountain area has miles of dirt biking trails with spectacular mountain vistas. The trails climb through aspen forests and run ridges.