Best California Dirt Biking

Located in the US, the dirt biking in California offers over one hundred dirt bike trail routes from which to choose. The best California dirt biking based on popularity are considered to be Corral Canyon OHV Area, Foresthill OHV, California City Riding Area, Forest OHV System / Big Bear OHV, and San Gabriel Canyon OHV Area. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a California dirt biking trail below.

408 MX

Alamo Mountain Loop

Argyll Motocross Park

AV Motoplex

Baldy Mesa / Cleghorn Ridge / Marshall Peak

Ballinger Canyon OHV Area

Barona Oaks MX

Barrett Lake

Big Bear Lake - North

Big Bear Lake - South

Black Springs OHV Area

Bradshaw ORV Trail

Buckhorn OHV Route

Buckhorn Ridge OHV Area - Bear Canyon Loop

Burlington Ridge Trail Complex

Cahuilla Creek Motocross

California City MX Park

California City Riding Area

Camuesa OHV Route

Cannell Meadow / Kern Plateau - EAST

Cannell Meadow / Kern Plateau - WEST

Carnegie State Recreation Area

Chappie-Shasta ORV Area

Chimney Rock Trail

China Wall OHV Area

Clay Pit Off Road Area

Clear Creek Management ORV Area

Club Moto

Competitive Edge MX Park

Copley Mountain ORV Area

Corral Canyon OHV Area

Cottonwood Canyon Jeep Trail

Cow Mountain - South

Crandall OHV Staging Area

Craycroft Ridge OHV Trail

Cycleland Speedway

Date Flat / Fuel Break ORV

Davis Flat ORV

Deer Creek OHV Staging Area

Deer Lake OHV Trail

Divide / Butcher Ranch / Pauley Creek Trails

Divide Peak Road OHV Route

Dove Springs ORV Area

Downie River OHV Trail

Dumont Dunes ORV Area

Dusy/Ershim OHV Route

El Mirage Dry Lake ORV Area

Elkins Flat OHV Route

Ellis Peak / Ellis Lake

E-Street MX

Fir Cap OHV Trail

Fordyce Creek Trail

Forest OHV System / Big Bear OHV

Foresthill OHV

Fort Sage ORV Area

Frank Raines OHV Park


Glen Helen OHV Park

Glen Helen Raceway Park

Gold Note ORV Routes

Gold Valley ORV Trail

Hangtown Motocross

Hite Cove OHV Route

Hull Creek / Trout Creek OHV

Hume Lake

Hungry Valley State Recreation Area

Hunter Creek OHV Riding Area

Jawbone OHV Area

Johnson Valley ORV Area

Kerry Canyon Trail

Knoxville Recreation ORV Area

LA County Raceway

La Grange OHV Park

Lark Canyon OHV Area

Lower Ranch

Lucas Oil MX Park

Mammoth Bar OHV Area

Miami Creek OHV Area

Milestone Ranch MX Park

Milsap Bar East

Milsap Bar West

Mi-Wok OHV

Mojave Road

Motorcycle County Park

Oceano Dunes

Ocotillo Wells State Recreation Area

Olancha Dunes Riding Area

Ortega Trail

Perris Raceway

Piru Motocross Park

Porterville OHV Park

Pozo/La Panza ORV Area - Burnout

Pozo/La Panza ORV Area - Pine Mountain Road

Prairie City SVRA

Prosser Hill OHV

Racetown 395

Rasor OHV Area

Red Lake/Coyote Lake OHV Route

Red Mountain OHV Route

Red Oak Canyon OHV Trail

Rock Creek Trail ORV System

Rock Front OHV Area

Rowher Flat OHV Area

Rubicon OHV Trail

Sacramento Raceway Park

Samoa Dunes Recreation ORV Area

San Gabriel Canyon OHV Area

Sierra Buttes OHV Trail

Spangler Hills OHV Area

Spanish OHV Route

Stoddard Valley OHV Area

Stonyford ORV Area

Superstition Mountain Open Area

Swamp Lake OHV Route

Tulare Cycle Park

Ukiah Speedway

Upper Lake OHV Area - North

Upper Lake OHV Area - South

West Lake/Strawberry Lake OHV Route

White Pines OHV

Wildomar OHV Area

Published:   Modified: 8/16/2016