Best Colorado Dirt Biking

Located in the US, the dirt biking in Colorado offers over fifty dirt bike trail routes from which to choose. The best Colorado dirt biking based on popularity are considered to be Bear Creek Motorized Trail, Grand Lake / Stillwater Pass Trails, Breckenridge - Continental Divide, Rainbow Falls OHV Area, and Texas Creek ORV Area. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Colorado dirt biking trail below.

Agate Creek Trail

Apex / Kingston Peak Road

Aspen Loop ATV Trail

Aztec Family Raceway

Bar Motorized Trail

Bear Creek Motorized Trail

Bear Creek Trail

Bear Draw OHV Loop

Birdseye Gulch Road

Black Bear Pass

Boreas Pass Road

Breckenridge - Continental Divide

Bristol Head Peak Road


Calamity Pass Trail

Caribou Flats Road

Cedar Mountain ORV Area

Clear Creek Trail

Colorado 500

Colorado State Forest

Colorado X-treme Moto-Zone National Park

Devils Slide Motorized Trail

Doctors Park

Dragon Man Bike Park

Ellis Trail

Fairplay - Horseshoe Trail System

Flat Rock Motorized Trail

Flat Top Open Riding Area

Flat Tops Trail ORV System

Four Corners / Roach Road

Four Mile Road

Fourmile Riding Area

Grand Lake / Stillwater Pass Trails

Grand Valley ORV Area

Green Ridge

Gunsight Pass Road

Hahns Peak Trail

Hall Valley Road

Hartman Rocks ORV Area

Hermosa CreekTrail

Imogene Pass Road

Indian Creek Trail

Kenosha Pass - Twin Cone Road

Kremmling / Wolford Mountain

Lake Fork Trail

Lake George / Wilkerson Pass

Lefthand Canyon OHV Area

Little Bear Trail

Long Hollow Motorized Trail

Lower Calico Trail

Lower Calico Trail / Priest Gulch

Main Draw ORV Area

McAllister Gulch / Hornsilver Mountain

Meadow Lake

Meeker Park

Middle Mountain

Middle Saint Vrain Road

Morrison Divide Trail

Noddle Motorized Trail

North Delta ORV Area

North Divide OHV Area

Otto Mears Toll Road

Peach Valley ORV Area

Pearl Pass

Pole Creek Trail

Power Line Motorized Trail

Pueblo Motorsports Park

Rabbit Valley

Rainbow Falls OHV Area

Rainbow Trail

Red Cone Road

Red Feather Lakes ORV

Sevenmile Ridge ORV

Slaughterhouse Gulch Trail

Spring Creek Road OHV Area

Stoner Mesa Trail

Sweney Cycle Park

Tarryall OHV Routes - North

Tarryall OHV Routes - South

Taylor Pass Divide Road

Texas Creek ORV Area

Texas Lakes Trail

Thunder Valley Motocross Park

Timberline Trail

Transfer Trail

Two Rivers Motocross Track

Uncompahgre Plateau Trail

Upper Calico Trail

Ute Trail

Valley Dirt Riders

Watkins Motocross

Webster Pass ORV

West Fish Creek Trail

Wild Rat Motocross

Williams Fork Trail System

Wurts Ditch Road

Dirt Biking the Taylor Pass Divide Road

Dirt Biking the Taylor Pass Divide Road

Published:   Modified: 8/15/2016