Best Minnesota Dirt Bike Trails

Minnesota has 21 offroad motorcycling rides.

  September 24, 2018

Located in the US, the dirt biking in Minnesota offers over twenty awesome dirt bike trails. The best Minnesota dirt biking based on popularity are considered to be Chengwatana State Forest, Trout Valley, Appleton ORV Park, Spider Lake Trail, and Snake Creek. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Minnesota dirt biking trail below.

Where Can I Dirt Bike In Minnesota?


FEATURED:  Martineau Recreation Trail


  July 26, 2016

North of Akeley in the Paul Bunyan State Forest, the Martineau Recreation Trails are two loops totaling 67 miles located in the southern unit of the Paul Bunyan State Forest in Hubbard County. The land is very rough and hilly with many tiny ponds and bogs.

FEATURED:  Appleton ORV Park

  Minneapolis, Minnesota

  August 5, 2016

West of Minneapolis and east of Appleton in Swift County, the Appleton Area Recreation Park has 9 miles of trails open to off-road motorcycle trails riding. The trail system has something for everyone from beginner to expert.

FEATURED:  Iron Range OHV Recreation Area


  July 21, 2016

Southeast Gilbert in northeast Minnesota, the 1,200 acre Iron Range OHV Recreation Area has routes open to dirt biking. About half of the site is mineland, including inactive iron ore pits, ore stockpiles and tailings basins. Also known as the Gilbert OHV Site, this area was mined until 1981. The landscape has been dramatically altered by the extraction of iron ore, creating sizeable lakes, ore stockpiles, overburden piles, tailings basins and impoundments. Much of the mined area has revegetated naturally. The northern portion of the site will contain the majority of OHV activity.

FEATURED:  General Andrews State Forest

  Duluth, Minnesota

  June 24, 2016

Southwest of Duluth and north of Willow River in Pine County, the General CC Andrews State Forest has 9 miles of off-road motorcycle trails. These state forest trails are well-marked and maintained for dirt biking.

FEATURED:  St Croix State Forest

  Duluth, Minnesota

  June 30, 2016

South of Duluth and southwest of Marksville in the St Croix State Forest, the St Croix State Forest Snowmobile Trail is heavily used by off-road motorcycle riders in the summer. The 23 mile route is well marked and maintained. There are 4 trailhead parking areas.

FEATURED:  Gandy Dancer Trail

  Duluth, Minnesota

  July 27, 2016

South of Duluth and southwest of Marksville in the St Croix State Forest, a 15 mile stretch of the Gandy Dancer Trail passes through the St Croix State Forest. The route along an old railroad grade is heavily used by off-road motorcycle riders in the summer and snowmobiliers in the winter.

FEATURED:  Big Aspen Trail

  Duluth, Minnesota

  March 30, 2018

North of Duluth and Virginia in the Superior National Forest, the Big Aspen Trail is a 20 mile multi-purpose route. The looping trail system follows old logging roads and railroad grades while passing through pine and hardwood forests. It has a hard-packed dirt and grass surface.

FEATURED:  Kato Motocross Track


  September 24, 2018

Near Mankato, the Mankato Motocross Track has an incredible motocross track with big elevation changes laid in the valleys of the Minnesota River. The Mankato track usually has open practices on Saturdays. These practices are for 50cc - 500cc Motorcycles.

FEATURED:  Meadow Valley MX


  June 26, 2016

Near Lake City, the Meadow Valley MX has a groomed track open to dirt bike riding. The Meadow Valley MX is open for practice 7 days a week.

FEATURED:  Buffalo River MX


  July 22, 2016

East of Fargo near Glyndon, the Buffalo River Race Park has a motocross track. The Buffalo River Race Park has open practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.