Best Montana Dirt Bike Trails

Montana has 30 offroad motorcycling rides.

Located in the US, the dirt biking in Montana offers over twenty awesome dirt bike trails. The best Montana dirt biking based on popularity are considered to be Wild Bill Offroad Trail, Boulder River Trail, Whitetail / Pipestone, Camp Creek Trail, and Big Belt Mountains. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Montana dirt biking trail below.


Whitetail / Pipestone

In the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, the Whitetail / Pipestone area is very popular with local off-road motorcycle riders. It is in the triangular area bounded by Boulder, Whitehall and Butte.  MORE INFO

Wild Bill Offroad Trail

In the Eagle Mountains of the Flathead National Forest, the Wild Bill ORV Trail is a 5.4 mile route open to off-road motorcycle trails riding. There is a gravel parking lot at Upper Dayton and Blacktail trailheads.  MORE INFO

Chain Of Lakes Trail

East of Darby and northeast of Sula in the Bitterroot National Forest, the Chain Of Lakes Trail is a 6.5 mile route from FS726 to FS313. The route passes through high alpine meadows, subalpine larch stands and rugged rocky terrain.  MORE INFO

Two Med-Heart Butte ORV Trail

In the Lewis - Clark National Forest, the Two Med-Heart Butte ATV Trail is a 15 mile route open to off-road motorcycle trails riding. To access the trail, use the Summit Campground Trailhead off of SR2.  MORE INFO

Pioneer Loop Trail

In the Wise River Ranger District, the Pioneer Loop Trail is a 35 mile loop through the Pioneer mountains open to dirt bike riding. The best trailhead to use is the Lacy Creek Trailhead.  MORE INFO

David Creek Trail

In the Wise River Ranger District, the David Creek Trail is a 7.5 mile route open to dirt bike riding. It runs along David Creek near Mono Creek Campground.  MORE INFO

Bull Run Guest Ranch

South of Cascade, the Bull Run Guest Ranch has 15,000 acres open to offroad motorcycle riding. Bull Run Guest Ranch boasts a fantastic trail system, with routes that vary from easy to extreme. Trails are easily accessible from the Main Ranch, cabins, and individual camp sites.  MORE INFO

Gallatin Crest Trail

South of Bozeman in the Gallatin National Forest, the Gallatin Crest Trail is a challenging 26.5 mile route. Also known as Devils Backbone, the elevation varies along the route from 6,800 feet up to 10,100 feet. Keep an eye out for moose, bear and mountain goats.  MORE INFO

Overwhich Falls Trail

South of Darby and southwest of Sula in the Bitterroot National Forest, the Overwhich Falls Trails provide scenic off-road motorcycle trails riding. This is an easy trail with only a few steep rocky sections.  MORE INFO

Garnet Backcountry Byway

Northeast of Missoula, the Garnet Backcountry Byway provides a 12 mile off-road motorcycle ride through the Garnet Mountain Range. The trail follows existing roads which are closed in the winter. Along the route, enjoy outstanding views from overlooks and visit a preserved ghost town.  MORE INFO

Little Belt Mountains

Southeast of Great Falls in central Montana, the Little Belt Mountains have 150+ miles of trails open to dirt biking. The Montana Trail Vehicle Rider Association is working with the Forest Service to develop a trail system in the area. The western side of the Little Belt Mountains is known for it's rocky steps, while the eastern side has rolling ridges.  MORE INFO

Meadow Creek Trail

In the Wise River Ranger District, the Meadow Creek Trail is a 7 mile route open to dirt bike riding. It connects to the Pioneer Loop Trail.  MORE INFO