Best Utah Dirt Bike Trails

Utah has 37 offroad motorcycling rides.

  May 16, 2022

Located in the US, the dirt biking in Utah offers over thirty dirt bike trail routes from which to choose. The best Utah dirt biking based on popularity are considered to be Amasa Back Trail, Skyline Trail, Chicken Corners Trail, Poison Spider ORV Trail, and Gemini Bridges. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Utah dirt biking trail below.

Where Can I Dirt Bike In Utah?


FEATURED:  Amasa Back Trail

  Moab, Utah

  April 25, 2022

West of Moab, the Amasa Back Trail is an out-and-back dirt bike ride ranging from 10 to 18 miles depending upon how far out you go. This challenging ride following rugged jeep road over rocks, slickrock, sand and ledges. Don't underestimate the challenge of this trail.

FEATURED:  Chicken Corners Trail

  Moab, Utah

  June 30, 2016

Southwest of Moab, the Chicken Corners Trail is a 43 mile ATV route along the Colorado River gorge that is open to dirt biking. The route follows scenic Kane Springs Canyon and then climbs the Kane Creek anticline to Hurrah Pass. Then it descends to benches above the river. The route ends about 400 feet above the river across from Dead Horse Point.

FEATURED:  Cedar Hollow Trail System

  Kamas, Utah

  August 8, 2016

Southeast of Salt Lake City and Kamas, the Cedar Hollow off-road motorcycle trail system is an extremely popular ATV area with 4.5 miles of routes. It connects with the Taylor Fork off-road motorcycle trail system.

FEATURED:  Soapstone Basin Road

  Heber City, Utah

  July 12, 2016

East of Heber City, the Soapstone Basin OHV area has 34.5 miles of off-road motorcycle riding. There is a great diversity of riding available. The main Soapstone Basin Road is a gentle, graded 8.5 mile route that is perfect for beginners.

FEATURED:  Red Canyon

  Bryce Canyon, Utah

  March 30, 2018

East of Cedar City and west of Bryce, the Red Canyon area is a scenic red rock canyon with pine and sage forests laced with a nice dirt biking trail network. The trail begins at the mouth of Casto Canyon and connects with the Cassidy Trail. This is considered the most scenic of all the large canyons in the Red Canyon area.

FEATURED:  Paiute ATV Trail


  July 28, 2016

Surrounding Marysvale in south-central Utah, the 275 mile Paiute ATV Trail is one of the best dirt biking areas in the state. It has even been ranked one of the top 15 rides in the country. This loop trail has over 1000 miles of side trails and 1500 miles of adjacent forest roads. The main route passes through dense forests and near rivers.

FEATURED:  Knolls ORV Area


  June 30, 2016

East of Salt Lake City, nearly 36,000 acres of sand dunes, hills, and mud flats located in the Great Salt Lake Desert make a perfect dirt biking play area, and Knolls is less than two hours away from Salt Lake City. Tons of off-road fun is waiting, but stay within the boundaries. Knolls OHV area does border a bombing range.

FEATURED:  American Fork Canyon

  Unita, Utah

  July 31, 2016

Southeast of Salt Lake City and northeast of Highland, the American Fork Canyon has numerous routes open to dirt biking. The Tibble Fork OHV Staging Area located northeast of Highland is a popular place to start exploring this region. Some of the more interesting routes lead up past Mill Canyon Peak and over to Pole Line Pass or Dutchman Flat.

FEATURED:  Arizona Strip OHV Routes


  June 23, 2016

In the far northwest corner of Arizona, the vast Arizona Strip has over 5,000 miles of dirt roads open to dirt biking. The roads traverse high desert and some ponderosa pine forest.

FEATURED:  Paunsaugunt Trail

  Bryce Canyon, Utah

  September 24, 2018

East of Cedar City and west of Bryce, the Paunsaugunt trail system has loops ranging from 20 to 75 miles open to dirt biking. The Paunsaugunt Trail dirt biking route winds around the southern portion of the Paunsaugunt Plateau on existing roads and constructed dirt bike trails.