Best Florida Dirt Bike Trails

Florida has 18 offroad motorcycling rides.

  June 4, 2019

Located in the US, the dirt biking in Florida offers over fifteen dirt bike trail rides. The best Florida dirt biking based on popularity are considered to be Croom Motorcyle Area, Hardrock Cycle Park, Osceola National Forest, Wandering Wiregrass Trail, and Ocala North Trail System. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Florida dirt biking trail below.

Where Can I Dirt Bike In Florida?


FEATURED:  Croom Motorcyle Area

  Tampa, Florida

  June 27, 2016

North of Tampa and east of Brooksville, the 145,000 acre Withlacooche State Forest has pine uplands, cypress swamps and river bottom woodlands. Off highway motorcycle and ATV users will find many miles of trails from easy to challenging that are spread over 2,600 acres.

FEATURED:  Hardrock Cycle Park

  Ocala, Florida

  July 30, 2016

North of Ocala, the Hardrock Park is one of the best areas in the state hosting many dirt biking events on its 1.5 mile track over 100 acres. The dirt bike trails are highly technical.

FEATURED:  Osceola National Forest

  Jacksonville, Florida

  August 17, 2016

West of Jacksonville near Lake City, the 200,000 acre Osceola National Forest has many oportunities for off-road motorcycle trails riding. Only licensed ATV and off-road motorcycles may be ridden on numbered forest roads. Unlicensed ATV and dirt bikes may only be operated on unnumbered woods roads, where permitted, and they must be transported on forest roads to and from the unnumbered roads by another vehicle.

FEATURED:  Ocala North Trail System

  Ocala, Florida

  June 4, 2019

Northeast of Ocala, the Ocala North OHV Trail System has 35 miles of trails open to dirt biking. In addition, there are 76 miles of designated mixed-use roads where OHVs share the route with licensed vehicles. Also, there are 13 miles of dirt bike only trails known as the Motorcycle Loop.

FEATURED:  Wandering Wiregrass Trail

  Ocala, Florida

  July 21, 2016

East of Ocala and northeast of Umatilla, the Wandering Wiregrass Trail consists of a 17 mile loop network of trails and roads designated for dirt bike riding. The Wandering Wiregrass Trail loop passes through dense longleaf pine habitat.

FEATURED:  Bartow Motocross

  Tampa, Florida

  July 14, 2016

East of St Petersburg near Bartow, the Bartow Motocross has a 1 mile main track, an open riding area and a PeeWee Beginner Track. The main track is lighted and irrigated. The surface ranges from soft to medium pack, and has several elevation changes.

FEATURED:  North Florida Motocross

  Jacksonville, Florida

  September 21, 2018

Northwest of Jacksonville near Hilliard, the North Florida Motocross has a natural terrain track open to off-road motorcycle trails riding. Formerly North Florida Raceway, it is located to the north side of Hillard.

FEATURED:  Bostwick Creek Motocross Park

  Tallahassee, Florida

  November 19, 2016

South of Jacksonville, the Bostwick Creek Motocross Park has 4 miles of trails over 60 acres open to dirt bike riding. There is also a motocross style track with a rick black dirt surface.

FEATURED:  MP County Line


  September 21, 2018

West of Tallahassee and north of Panama City near Fountain, the MP County Line has a 1.25 mile track open to dirt biking. Formerly known as County Line Action Sports Park, this MX park has plenty of step ups and downs, along with tabletops and whoops. There is also a peewee track.