Best Chattahoochee Forest Hiking Trails

The Chattahoochee Forest area has 13 hiking trails out of the 23 hikes found in Georgia.

  August 19, 2016

Located in Georgia, the hiking in Chattahoochee Forest offers over ten good trail hike destinations. The best Chattahoochee Forest hiking based on popularity are considered to be Coosa Backcountry Trail, Jacks River Trail, Panther Creek Trail, Carters Lake Recreation Area, and Bull Mountain Trail. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Chattahoochee Forest hiking trail below.

Where Can I Hike In Chattahoochee Forest?

FEATURED:  Coosa Backcountry Trail

  Chattahoochee Forest, Georgia

  August 5, 2016

Near Blairsville in the Cattachoochee National Forest, the yellow-blazed Coosa Backcountry Trail is a 13 mile hiking trek through rugged terrain with great vistas. Follow the green blazes from the Visitors Center to reach the trailhead, which is marked by a sign. The Coosa and Bear Hair share the same footpath briefly.

FEATURED:  Panther Creek Trail

  Chattahoochee Forest, Georgia

  August 8, 2016

Near Elijay in the Cattachoochee National Forest, the Panther Creek Trail passes through the Cohutta Wilderness and has gorgeous views from atop the falls and surrounding cliffs. The unspoiled beauty of the Cohutta Wilderness provides an excellent source of peace and serenity. The Panther Creek Trail is only 3.5 miles long, however, the best access route to the trail is along a 4.5 mile stretch of the Conasauga River Trail.

FEATURED:  Jacks River Trail

  Chattahoochee Forest, Georgia

  August 18, 2016

North of Elijay and Blue Ridge in the Cattachoochee National Forest, the 16 mile Jacks River Trail is a scenic route. The best part of this trail is, of course, the river and the lush vegetation it feeds. According to The Hiking Trails of North Georgia by Tim Homan, there are 42 fords on this trail that get you wet.

FEATURED:  North Pocket

  Chattahoochee Forest, Georgia

  July 6, 2016

Northwest of Lafayette in the Cattachoochee National Forest, an 11 mile hiking loop can be formed by combining the Cane Trail, North Pocket Trail, and the Mine Trail. There are many great views, big waterfalls, and old tunnels. The best place to start is at the Estelle Trailhead.

FEATURED:  West Rim Loop Trail

  Chattahoochee Forest, Georgia

  June 29, 2016

East of Trenton in the Cattachoochee National Forest, the West Rim Loop Trail is a 5 mile hike on the rim above the 1,000 feet deep sandstone gorge. This trail provides access to side trails leading down to the Sitton Gulch Creek below.