Best Florida Hiking Trails

Florida has 43 hikes.

  October 11, 2018

Located in the US, the hiking in Florida offers over thirty trail routes from which to choose. The best Florida hiking based on popularity are considered to be Florida Trail, Cayo Costa State Park, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Myakka Trail, and Apalachicola - Florida Trail. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Florida hiking trail below.

Where Can I Hike In Florida?


FEATURED:  Cayo Costa State Park

  Fort Myers, Florida

  July 14, 2016

West of Fort Myers, the semi-tropical island of Cayo Casto has 6 miles of shell rock hiking trails through pine forest past beautiful beaches and mangrove swamps. The Cayo Costa State Park is only accessed via private boat or ferry boat. There is a ferry boat service offered twice a day.

FEATURED:  Jonathan Dickinson State Park


  June 30, 2016

North of West Palm Beach, the 11,500 acre Jonathan Dickinson State Park has 14 miles of hiking trails through slash pine, scrub oak and palmetto. The 9.4 mile East Loop is very popular with local hikers to spot the resident gopher tortoise, deer, armadillo, wild pigs and alligators.

FEATURED:  Myakka Trail

  Sarasota, Florida

  August 7, 2016

Situated 20 miles east of Sarasota, the 29,000 acre Myakka River State Park has a 45 mile trail network surrounding the Myakka River and Lake. A bulk of the trail system is the 39 mile Myakka Trail, which passes through dry grass/palmetto praires, palm islands and shaddy Oak hammocks.

FEATURED:  Torreya State Park

  Tallahassee, Florida

  October 11, 2018

Northwest of Tallahassee and Bristol, the Torreya State Park is on high bluffs overlooking the Apalachicola River and has lush biodiversity. There is a great 15 mile trail for exploring the park that starts from the Gregory House that traverses steep bluffs and ravines while encircling the park.

FEATURED:  Munson Hills Loop

  Tallahassee, Florida

  November 20, 2016

Just south of Tallahasse, the 7.5 mile Munson Hills Loop is a challenging trek over dunes and through towering longleaf pine forest. The rolling hills have shady valleys of oak, cherry and other hardwoods. Watch out for deer, fox squirrels and the protected gopher tortoise which burrow in the sand near the trails.

FEATURED:  Ocala - Florida Trail

  Ocala, Florida

  August 17, 2016

East of Ocala, this 67-mile section of the 1,300-mile Florida National Scenic Trail system is a subtropical showcase of hardwood hammocks, cypress swamps, and cabbage-palm thickets that can be hiked in four to five days. In the stretch through the Ocala National Forest, you may encounter both alligators and black bears so keep alert.

FEATURED:  Paisley Woods Trail

  Ocala, Florida

  October 11, 2018

Southeast of Ocala and west of Pasiley, the Paisley Woods Trail is a 22 mile loop through sandy pine forest past live oak domes and grassy prairies. This yellow-blazed route passes through deer and bear habitat. While popular with hikers, it is predominantly used by mountain bikers.

FEATURED:  Arbuckle Tract Trail

  Tampa, Florida

  August 6, 2016

Southeast of Tampa and Frostproof in Polk County, the Arbuckle Tract Trail (aka Reedy Creek Trail) is great for overnight and day hikes along ridge above Reedy Creek, Lake Arbuckle shore, and through rosemary, pine, and scrub oak on ancient sand dunes. This is also a 20 mile section of the Florida Trail.

FEATURED:  Boyette County Park

  Sarasota, Florida

  August 18, 2016

South of Brandon, the 4,900 acre Boyette Park has about 12 miles of trail shared by hikers and bikers winding past the dozen lakes. There are plenty of side trails to explore through the upland scrub brush and woods.

FEATURED:  Collier-Seminole State Park

  Naples, Florida

  July 14, 2016

South of Naples, the 6,400 acre Collier-Seminole State Park has 5 miles of mosquito and fly infested trails. While hiking, make sure to keep an eye out for panthers and bears.