Best New Mexico Hiking Trails

New Mexico has 39 hikes.

  October 15, 2018

Located in the US, the hiking in New Mexico offers over thirty trail routes from which to choose. The best New Mexico hiking based on popularity are considered to be Bookan Forest, East Fork Trail, Skyline Trail, Valles Caldera National Preserve, and Middle Alamo/Yapashi/Upper Alamo Trail. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a New Mexico hiking trail below.

Where Can I Hike In New Mexico?



Alamo Rim Trail

Northwest of Sante Fe and south of Los Alamos, Bandelier National Monument has some great hiking opportunities through a riparian ecosystem. From the visitor center, head down Faijoles Canyon 2 miles to the spectacular Lower and Upper Falls. For a longer 20 mile loop, head to Yapashi Pueblo via Painted Cave and return via the Alamo Rim Trail.  MORE INFO

Bookan Forest

Located just five miles outside of Silver City, the Bookan Forest is a pinyon, juniper forest that is laced with hiking trails. Along the trails, you may encounter wildlife including javalinas and mountain lions. A popular hike is a section of the Continental Divide Trail, which runs about 20 miles through the Bookan Forest.  MORE INFO

Fort Stanton Trail

Southeast of Lincoln near Ruidoso, the 24,000 acre Fort Stanton ACEC has 60 miles of developed hiking trails open to hikers, mountain biking and horseback riding. In particular, the Fort Stanton Trail is a 21 mile route passing through the Roswell Resource Area. Also, don’t miss the Fort Stanton Cave with 11 miles of mapped passages.  MORE INFO

Columbine Creek Trail

West of Red River and east Questa, the Columbine Creek Trail is an eight mile one-way route up the steep and rocky route along the namesake stream in surprisingly lush deciduous forest. The hiking trail begins at 8,000 feet and climbs through pine and aspen forests on the way to 11,200 feet. The best trailhead is the Columbine Campground.  MORE INFO

Crest Trail

Northeast of Glenwood, the Crest Trail is a 12 mile hiking route with elevations ranging from 9,100 feet to 10,800 with spectacular views of the Gila. This trail is known as the Crest Trail because it generally follows the crest of the Mogollon Mountains from Sandy Point to Mogollon Baldy. Most of this trail is in old growth mixed conifer and offers some of the most spectacular views of the Gila National Forest.  MORE INFO

Sawmill Wagon Recreation Trail

East of Silver City, the Sawmill Wagon Road National Recreation Trail is a 10 mile hiking route from Arenas Valley Trailhead To Junction of Trail 74 with elevations from 6,500 feet to 8,000 feet. The trail was an integral part of the original Fort Bayard Military Reservation in the late 1800's.  MORE INFO

Devisadero Loop Trail

East of Taos, the Devisadero Trail is a 5 mile hiking loop with about 1,100 feet of elevation gain. Shared with horses and bikers, this trail begins across the highway from the El Nogal Picnic Area. The Devisadero Loop Trail will pass through two very different forest types. On the south facing slope the trail travels through pinons, juniper and some gambel oak. As the trail drops over to the north side of the mountain the environment is much darker and cooler with tall Douglas firs and white firs replacing the smaller drought resistant pinon/juniper forest.  MORE INFO

Gooseberry Springs Trail

Northeast of Grants, the Gooseberry Springs Trail is a popular 7 mile out-and-back hiking route with 2,100 feet of elevation gain. The route winds around Mount Taylor to a maximum elevation of 11,300 near the rim of this ancient volcano.  MORE INFO

Fort Bayard Big Juniper Tree Trail

East of Silver City and north of Santa Clara, the Fort Bayard Big Juniper Tree Trail is a 5 mile hiking loop. It runs from Fort Bayard Adminstrative Site Trailhead to Arenas Valley Trailhead. The route is shared with mountain bikers and equestrians.  MORE INFO

Wood Haul Wagon Ruts Trail

East of Silver City and north of Santa Clara, the Wood Haul Wagon Ruts Trail is a 6 mile hiking route from Fort Bayard Administrative Site To Wagon Wheel Ruts. This route is also shared with mountain bikers and equestrians.  MORE INFO

Cedro Peak Trail System

East of Albuquerque and south of Tijeras, the Cedro Peak area has more than 30 miles of cross-crossing hiking trails. These rocky, winding trails can be challenging and difficult to navigate.  MORE INFO

Otero Canyon Trail / Blue Ribbon Trail

East of Albuquerque and south of Tijeras, a cool rolling 8 mile hiking loop combines the Otero Canyon Trail going up with the Blue Ribbon Trail (#236) coming back down. Make sure to watch for numerous side trails which are fun to explore.  MORE INFO