Best Wyoming Hiking Trails

Wyoming has 18 hikes.

Located in the US, the hiking in Wyoming offers over fifteen hikes. The best Wyoming hiking based on popularity are considered to be Cirque Of The Towers, Cascade Canyon / Lake Solitude Trail, Cloud Peak Wilderness, Encampment River Trail, and Teton Crest Trail. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Wyoming hiking trail below.


Cirque Of The Towers

North of Rock Springs and southeast of Pinedale in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, the 17 mile Cirque of the Towers loop provides dramatic vistas of 12,000 feet mountains and high altitude lakes. The Cirque of the Towers route from the NFS Big Sandy Campground and follows Big Sandy Trail for six miles through lodgepole pine forest to Big Sandy Lake.  MORE INFO

Cloud Peak Wilderness

West of Buffalo and east of Ten Sleep, the Cloud Peak Wilderness is at the glaciated core of the Bighorn Mountains and has spectacular alpine lakes and glacial carved valleys. There is a great 42 mile loop hiking, starting on the east side near Hunter, that allows access to the Bighorn's sheer mountain walls and crystal-clear lakes.  MORE INFO

Encampment River Trail

West of Cheyenne and south of Saratoga in the Medicine Bow National Forest, the 16 mile Encampment River Trail follows the namesake river through a narrow canyon. This hiking trail passes through a rugged gorge with bighorn sheep, mule deer and bald eagles.  MORE INFO

Teton Crest Trail

West of Jackson and Wilson, the Teton Crest Trail is a 35 mile summit-to-summit trek along the main Teton ridges. The route starts near the southern boundary of the park near Moose Creek Divide, runs north over several summits, and then over Hurricane Pass down along the South Fork of Cascade Canyon to Jenny Lake. There are five major passes along the way, along with many alpine lakes and the dramatic traverse of Death Canyon Shelf.  MORE INFO

Monument Valley Loop

Southeast of Rock Springs in the Adobetown Wilderness Study Area, the Monument Valley Loop is a 6.5 mile trek through rugged badlands and gnarly spires. Keep an eye out for wild horses bolting across the high desert landscape.  MORE INFO

Bechler River Trail

Northeast of Ashton in the southwest quadrant of Yellowstone National Park, the Bechler River Trail and the Bechler Meadows trails are an unparalleled backcountry hike through Yellowstone. You can expect to see moose, black bear, pine marten and trumpeter swans. The 22 mile route typically starts from the infrequently visited Bechler Ranger Station and head northeast towards Shoshone Lake and ending at the Shoshone Lake Trail.  MORE INFO