Best Yukon Territory Hiking Trails

Yukon Territory has 3 hikes.

  August 19, 2016

Located in Canada, the hiking in Yukon Territory is known for three cool hikes. The best Yukon Territory hiking based on popularity are considered to be Chilcoot Trail, Kluane National Park Reserve, and Dawson Overland Trail. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Yukon Territory hiking trail below.

Where Can I Hike In Yukon Territory?

FEATURED:  Dawson Overland Trail

  Yukon Territory, Canada

  August 14, 2016

From Whitehorse to Dawson, the Dawson Overland Trail is a 112km multi-use trail. The trail starts at Takhini Crossing near Whitehorse and runs northwest to Braeburn Lodge near Dawson. The trail follows an old stagecoach route. This multi-use route is shared with horseback riding, mountain biking, ATV riding, snowmobiling and nordic skiing.

FEATURED:  Kluane National Park Reserve

  Yukon Territory, Canada

  July 19, 2016

Only one-third of the 8,500 sq. mile Kluane National Park Reserve is open to hikers -- the other portion is glacier! All trails are multi-use, however, few people make use of the region.

FEATURED:  Chilcoot Trail

  Yukon Territory, Canada

  August 19, 2016

The Chilcoot Trail is a famous bear and misquito infested route from Dyea (near Skagway) to Lake Bennet (Yukon). It is a 33 mile one-way trek over Chilkoot Pass through stunning wilderness. The route is limited via permits to 50 hikers a day.