Larch Creek Trail Horseback Riding
Larch Creek Trail

 Washington  |    September 14, 2021

Northwest of Winthrop in the Okanogan National Forest, the 16 mile Larch Creek Trail is a heavily traveled horseback riding trail. Along the scenic 4 pass route, the highpoint is the McCall-Timberwolf Divide at 7,640 feet.

Red Canyon Horseback Riding
Red Canyon

 Utah  |    September 12, 2021

East of Cedar City and west of Bryce in the Dixie National Forest, the Red Canyon area is a scenic red rock canyon with ponderosa pine and sage forests laced with a nice trail network. The Cassidy Trail (#93) is a 8.7 mile route through the scenic red rock formations of Red Canyon North Roadless Area.

Ohiopyle State Park Trails Horseback Riding
Ohiopyle State Park Trails

 Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania  |    September 11, 2021

Southeast of Pittsburgh near Ohiopyle on Sugarloaf Mountain, the 19,000 acre Ohiopyle State park has 9.4 miles of rocky, hilly routes for horseback riding. The trails include a mix single and double tracks through forest and meadow.

Kahuku Horseback Riding

 Oahu, Hawaii  |    September 9, 2021

North of Honolulu near Kahuku on Oahu, there is scenic horseback riding along the beach and through ironwood forest. The main riding is to the northwest of Makahoa Point and continues almost all the way to Turtle Bay Resort.

Yoho National Park Horseback Riding
Yoho National Park

 British Columbia, Canada  |    September 8, 2021

East of Golden and northwest of Lake Louise, the Yoho National Park has a variety of trails open to horseback riding. The most popular valleys to explore on horseback include the Ice River Valley, the Ottertail Valley, the Otterhead Valley and the Amiskwi Valley.

Ruby Crest Trail Horseback Riding
Ruby Crest Trail

 Elko, Nevada  |    August 29, 2021

Southeast of Elko and northwest of Ruby Valley, the 43 mile Ruby Crest National Recreation Trail runs the craggy range with lupines, bluebells, glacial lakes, bighorns and mountain goats. The horseback riding trails are located within the in the lushly forested 90,000 acres Ruby Mountain Wilderness.

Allegany State Park Horseback Riding
Allegany State Park

 Buffalo, New York  |    August 28, 2021

South of Buffalo and Ellicottville near Salamanca, the 65,000 acre Allegheny State Park has 45 miles trails open to horseback riding. The trails roll over low hills, through dense maple and oak forests along with open meadows.

Miners Creek Trail Horseback Riding
Miners Creek Trail

 Frisco, Colorado  |    August 27, 2021

South of Frisco, the Miners Creek Trail is a 15 mile route past beaver ponds and a meandering creek into the Ten Mile Range. This horseback riding route starts with a nice climb through shady pine forests.

Avalanche Lake Trail Horseback Riding
Avalanche Lake Trail

 Glenwood Springs, Colorado  |    August 10, 2021

South of Carbondale and north of Redstone, the Avalanche Lake Trail is a 11 mile horseback riding route leading up to Avalanche Lake. The one-way trail follows Avalanche Creek east from the trailhead through pine forest and meadow.

Metolius-Windigo Trail Horseback Riding
Metolius-Windigo Trail

 Oregon  |    August 9, 2021

Northwest of Bend and Sisters in the Deschutes National Forest, the Metolius-Windigo Trail is a 120 mile horseback riding trail. It starts at the Metolius River headwaters west of Sisters, and runs south to Windigo Pass near Crescent Lake.

Seven Mile Canyon Trail Horseback Riding
Seven Mile Canyon Trail

 Moab, Utah  |    August 8, 2021

Northwest of Moab, the Seven Mile Canyon Trail is a 4.5 hour horseback ride through a sandy wash. Directions to the Trail: Go North from Moab on Hwy 191, nine miles out of Moab. Turn west onto Hwy 313, and park at the fourth possible left turn.

Selway River Trail Horseback Riding
Selway River Trail

 Grangeville, Idaho  |    August 7, 2021

Southeast of Lowell in the Nez Perce National Forest, the Forest Trail #4 follows the Selway River for 50 miles through the Selway Bitteroot Wilderness. The horseback riding trail runs through remote pine forest and is known for its plentiful rattlesnakes and bears.

Maquinita Canyon Trail Horseback Riding
Maquinita Canyon Trail

 Taos, New Mexico  |    August 6, 2021

West of Taos and Tres Piedras, the Maquinita Canyon Trail system has 6 possible horseback riding routes up two canyons. The Maquinita Canyon area covers about six square miles.

Hueston Woods State Park Horseback Riding
Hueston Woods State Park

 Ohio  |    August 5, 2021

North of Cincinatti near College Corner, the 3,600 acre Hueston Woods State Park has 15 miles of horse trails. A horsemens staging area are located off SR177 on Four Mile Valley Road. To reach the trailhead from Cincinatti, Take Route 27 North to Oxford.