Best Big Island Horse Trails

The Big Island area has 5 horse trails out of the 20 horseback rides found in Hawaii.

  August 10, 2016

Located in Hawaii, the horseback riding in Big Island is known for five fun horse trails. The best Big Island horseback riding based on popularity are considered to be Dahana Ranch, Paniolo, Parker Ranch, Waipio Na Alpa Trail Rides, and Kohala Na Alpa Trail Rides. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Big Island horseback riding trail below.

Where Can I Ride Horses In Big Island?

FEATURED:  Dahana Ranch

  Big Island, Hawaii

  August 10, 2016

South of Waimea on the Big Island, the Dahana Ranch offers guided horseback riding tours through open range on a 2,500 acre ranch. The rides are through lush rolling pastures.

FEATURED:  Paniolo

  Big Island, Hawaii

  July 13, 2016

West of Waimea on the Big Island, Paniolo Adventures offers guided horseback rides through green pastures. The open riding, not single file, is on an 11,000 acre working cattle ranch on Kohala Mountain (an old volcano). The rides pass through lush pastureland and groves of native ohia trees.

FEATURED:  Waipio Na Alpa Trail Rides

  Big Island, Hawaii

  August 7, 2016

In the Waipio Valley on the Big Island, there are lush jungle trails and taro patches to explore in the most scenic valley on the island. Expect to see amazing waterfalls on this nose-to-tail guided horseback ride.

FEATURED:  Kohala Na Alpa Trail Rides

  Big Island, Hawaii

  July 23, 2016

North of Waimea on the Big Island, the Na Alapa Stables at Kahua Ranch has rolling guided rides through the Kohala Mountains in lush pastures. There are panoramic views of the the coastline, and also ancient Hawaiian ruins. This is an open range ride, not single file, over 8,000 acres.