Best Los Angeles Horse Trails

The Los Angeles area has 7 horse trails out of the 82 horseback rides found in California.

  October 1, 2018

Located in California, the horseback riding in Los Angeles offers more than a half-dozen beautiful horseback trails. The best Los Angeles horseback riding based on popularity are considered to be Cuyamaca State Park, Chino Hills State Park, Hansen Dam, Topanga State Park, and Heart Bar Campground. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Los Angeles horseback riding trail below.

Where Can I Ride Horses In Los Angeles?

FEATURED:  Heart Bar Campground

  Los Angeles, California

  October 1, 2018

East of San Bernardino and southeast of Big Bear, the Heart Bar Campground is a popular equestrian campground with 46 corrals. Only campers with horses are permitted in Heart Bar Equestrian Campground. From the campground, there are several horse trails to explore fanning out to the south.

FEATURED:  Hansen Dam

  Los Angeles, California

  July 2, 2016

Northwest of Los Angeles and Burbank, the Hansen Dam has a range of horseback riding routes from dirt roads through wooded trails. Most of the Hansen Dam horseback riders start in Hansen Dam park and the trails generally lead east into the Tujunga Wash area. The Tujunga Wash has horse trails that wind through dry and riparian habitat.

FEATURED:  Griffith Park

  Los Angeles, California

  August 2, 2016

North of Los Angeles and west of Glendale, the Griffith Park has 4,100 acres open to horseback riding. There are over a dozen horse trails rolling and winding through Griffith Park.