Best Safford Horse Trails

The Safford area has 4 horse trails out of the 50 horseback rides found in Arizona.

  August 19, 2016

Located in Arizona, the horseback riding in Safford is known for four scenic horseback trail rides. The best Safford horseback riding based on popularity are considered to be Round The Mountain, Cunningham Camp, Clark Corrals, and Ash Creek. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Safford horseback riding trail below.

Where Can I Ride Horses In Safford?

FEATURED:  Ash Creek

  Safford, Arizona

  August 19, 2016

Northeast of Tucson and southwest of Safford, the Ash Creek trail is a 9 mile horseback ride from near Cluff Reservoir to Ash Creek Falls. This trail is suitable for horseback as well as foot travel, however, there is a stretch of the trail called slickrock that can be particularly hazardous for horses.