Best Arizona Horse Trails

Arizona has 49 horseback rides.

  October 1, 2018

Located in the US, the horseback riding in Arizona offers over thirty horseback riding trail routes from which to choose. The best Arizona horseback riding based on popularity are considered to be AD Bar Trail, Arizona Trail - Highline Horse Trail, Usery Mountain Regional Park, South Mountain Park, and Dead Horse Ranch State Park. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Arizona horseback riding trail below.

Where Can I Ride Horses In Arizona?


FEATURED:  South Mountain Park

  Phoenix, Arizona

  July 14, 2016

Southeast of Phoenix and west of Guadalupe, the 16,500 acre South Mountain Park is a vast and rugged riparian mountain range that is part of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve System. Keep an eye out for scorpions and desert tortoises near the saguaros! The eastern Pima Canyon trailhead is not easy to find the first time. It is located west of Tempe and Guadalupe.

FEATURED:  Usery Mountain Regional Park

  Phoenix, Arizona

  October 1, 2018

Northeast of Mesa, the 3,600 acre Usery Mountain Recreation Area of Maricopa County Parks has 10 miles of easy horse trails. The trails are divided into four routes including Blevins Trail (3 mi), NoSo Trail, Dam Trail and Moon Rock Trail.

FEATURED:  Catalina State Park

  Tucson, Arizona

  August 15, 2016

Northeast of Tucson in the Lemmon Mountains, the 5,500 acre Catalina State Park has plenty of trails for equestrians. Hiking and horseback riding on the trails are popular activities, with eight trails varying in length and difficulty.

FEATURED:  Casner Mountain Trail

  Sedona, Arizona

  July 15, 2016

Northwest of Sedona, the Casner Mountain Trail is a 7 mile one-way horseback ride. Originally built to maintain power lines, Casner Mountain trail offers spectacular views of the Sycamore Canyon and Red Rock/Secret Mountain Wildernesses and the Verde Valley. The trail follows an old jeep road which still provides access to the power lines. The trail begins in high desert vegetation and switchbacks up the side of Casner Mountain. Once on top of the mesa, Pinyon/Juniper with open grasslands are the norm. Wildlife is abundant, particularilly in the winter months, so keep an eye out for Elk and Deer along with the occassional Bear and even Mountain Lion are spotted.

FEATURED:  Estrella Mountain Regional Park

  Phoenix, Arizona

  July 29, 2016

Located southwest of Phoenix, the rugged 19,800 acre Estrella Mountain Regional Park has a network of trails ranging from 5 to 30 miles through spectacular mountain scenery. The infrequently traveled trails are refreshing compared to the crowds at South Mountain Park.

FEATURED:  McDowell Mountain Regional Park

  Phoenix, Arizona

  July 13, 2016

East of Phoenix near Fountain Hills, the 16 mile Pemberton Trail which is a classic ride in the 21,000 acre McDowell Mountain Regional Park of Maricopa County Parks. The horseback riding loop starts from the horse staging area and follows blazes clockwise. There is a shorter loop known as the 3 mile North Trail.

FEATURED:  Ash Creek

  Safford, Arizona

  August 19, 2016

Northeast of Tucson and southwest of Safford, the Ash Creek trail is a 9 mile horseback ride from near Cluff Reservoir to Ash Creek Falls. This trail is suitable for horseback as well as foot travel, however, there is a stretch of the trail called slickrock that can be particularly hazardous for horses.

FEATURED:  Timber Mesa Trail

  White Mountains, Arizona

  July 17, 2016

Southeast of Show Low in the White Mountains, the Timber Mesa Trail is a 6 mile horseback riding route that follows the top edge of the mesa and loops back along the Chimneys Fire Road. The horse trail on the top of the mesa is rocky.

FEATURED:  Ghost Of The Coyote Trail

  White Mountains, Arizona

  August 1, 2016

West of Show Low in the White Mountains, the Ghost Of The Coyote Trail is a 16 mile route open to equestrians. The horse trail follows old logging road through pinon-juniper forests.

FEATURED:  Granite Mountain / Granite Basin

  Prescott, Arizona

  August 8, 2016

Northwest of Prescott near Granite Mountain, the Granite Basin Recreation Area has an network of trails open to horseback riders. The horse trail system is a series of loops that can be linked together to form long rides. There are several trailheads that service the Granite Basin. The most popular trailheads are...