Best Iowa Horse Trails

Iowa has 6 horseback rides.

Located in the US, the horseback riding in Iowa offers a half-dozen good horse riding options. The best Iowa horseback riding based on popularity are considered to be Shimek State Forest, Yellow River State Forest, Brushy Creek State Park, Waubonsie State Park, and Elk Rock State Park. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Iowa horseback riding trail below.


Yellow River State Forest

Near Marquette in northwest Iowa, the 8,500 acre Yellow River State Forest has over 10 miles of bridle trails. These horse trails meander through oak-hickory forest rife with wild turkeys, deer, Coopers hawks, and woodchucks and lead to big views of the Paint Creek Valley.  MORE INFO

Shimek State Forest

East of Farmington, the 9,000 acre Shimek State Forest has several bridle trails through dense pine forests. Within the Lick Creek Unit has 25 miles of equestrian trails, and contains two equestrian campgrounds, one with 11 sites and the other with 24 sites. Equestrian facilities include hitching rails, pit toilets, fire rings, picnic tables, gravel parking pads, a water hydrant and shade for horses.  MORE INFO

Brushy Creek State Park

Southeast of Fort Dodge near Lehigh, the 6,000 acre Brushy Creek State Park has 50 miles of horseback riding trails. Of the 50 miles, there are 15 miles of horse trails rarely used close since they are rocky all-weather trails.  MORE INFO

Waubonsie State Park

South of Sidney in the southwestern corner of the state, the Waubonsie State Park an eight mile horseback riding trail runs through the Loess Hills. A good trailhead is located at the equestrian campground.  MORE INFO

Stephens State Forest

Near Chariton, the 13,000 acre Stephens State Forest has 29 miles of horseback riding trails. Thre is an equestrian campground located in the Whitebreast Unit. Keep an eye out for wild turkeys.  MORE INFO