Best Minnesota Horse Trails

Minnesota has 12 horseback rides.

Located in the US, the horseback riding in Minnesota offers over ten good horse trail destinations. The best Minnesota horseback riding based on popularity are considered to be Minnesota Valley State Trail, Trout Valley Trail System, Cut Foot Sioux Trail, Big Aspen Horse Trail, and St Croix State Forest. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Minnesota horseback riding trail below.


Cut Foot Sioux Trail

Northwest of Grand Rapids and Deer River, the Cut Foot Sioux Trail is a 22 mile loop open to horseback riding along the Cut Foot Sioux Lake rolling through hardwood and large pine forests. The route connects with the Simpson Creek Trail which is a 13 mile route through large red pines. Both routes have eagles, osprey and loons.  MORE INFO

Big Aspen Horse Trail

North of Duluth and Virginia, the Big Aspen Trail is a 20 mile multi-purpose route open to horseback riding. The looping trail system follows old logging roads and railroad grades while passing through pine and hardwood forests. It has a hard-packed dirt and grass surface. This trail is also popular with hikers, mountain bikers and ATV riders.  MORE INFO

St Croix State Forest

South of Duluth and southwest of Marksville in Pine County, the St Croix State Forest has 25 miles of trails open to horseback riding. The horse trails can be accessed by either campground. The trail runs from Boulder Campground along the west bank of the Tamarack River, past the equestrian campground, crosses the river and then parallels the river in a southerly direction to Pine Point near the confluence of the Tamarack and the St. Croix Rivers.  MORE INFO

Pillsbury State Forest

West of Brainerd, the Pillsbury State Forest has 25+ miles of trails open to horseback riding. The horse trails roll past ponds and lakes through stands of maple, oak and ash.  MORE INFO

Paul Bunyan State Forest

South of Bemidji and the Mississippi headwaters, the Paul Bunyan State Forest has over 100 miles of trails and roads open to horseback riding. The horse trails are not marked. There are three nice loop trails worth checking out incluing Beaver Lakes Trail loop (6.9 miles), Thorpe Tower Loop (9 miles) and Pine View Trail loop (7.6 miles).  MORE INFO

McCarthy Beach State Park

Northwest of Duluth and Virginia, the McCarthy Beach State Park has 9 miles of horse trails through deeply wooded forest. The trails follow rolling ridge lines on moraines between lakes and ponds.  MORE INFO

Agassiz Recreation Trails

Near Fertile, the Agassiz Recreation Trail is a 32 mile multiple use trail along an old railroad grade generally parallel to SR32 that is open to horseback riding. The southern end of the trail is in Ulen and the northern end is in Fertile. The route passes through the towns of Syre, Twin Valley and Gary. It passes through grass praires and mixed forests, with an occasional bear or moose.  MORE INFO

Hay Creek Trails

South of Red Wing in the Richard J Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest, the Hay Creek Trails consist of several interconnecting horseback riding loops totaling 17 miles. The horseback riding trails can be rugged and steep and are very remote.  MORE INFO