Best Missouri Horse Trails

Missouri has 18 horseback rides.

Located in the US, the horseback riding in Missouri offers over fifteen beautiful and scenic horse trail rides. The best Missouri horseback riding based on popularity are considered to be Big Piney Trail, Katy Trail State Park, Cedar Creek Trail, Hercules Glade Trail, and Kaintuck Hollow Trail. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Missouri horseback riding trail below.


Hercules Glade Trail

Southeast of Springfield and south of Bradley, the Hercules Glade Wilderness Trail is a 11 mile route open to horseback riding. The first part of the trail is mostly level, then it descends a slope to Long Creek.  MORE INFO

Big Piney Trail

Southwest of St Louis and south of Waynesville, the Big Piney Trail is a 17 mile route open to horseback riders. Big Piney Trail covers a variety of Ozark terrain in Paddy Creek Wilderness. The 17-mile loop trail can be treked as a 10-mile stretch (north section) or the 7.5-mile south section. The horse trails are rugged and can be challenging for the inexperienced or unprepared rider.  MORE INFO

Cedar Creek Trail

Near Fulton, the Cedar Creek Trail is a 36 mile trail open to horseback riding. Cedar Creek Trail forms a loop, crossing 21 miles of pastoral countryside. Two-thirds of the trail is cross-country; the rest is along gravel roads.  MORE INFO

Kaintuck Hollow Trail

Near Newburg south of the Mill Creek Recreation Area, the Kaintuck Trail burrows into a nice refuge of the Mark Twain National Forest and is open to horseback riding. The 24 mile trail, shared by hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians, passes a 175 foot cave (natural tunnel) with limestone wall and slimy boulders. The route passes through green tunnels of foliage, untrampled trail and overgrown logging roads. The rolling terrain is gentle and presents several stream crossings.  MORE INFO

Ozark Trail

Running through the Ozarks, the 500 mile Ozark Trail is generally regarded as the trails most scenic and rugged stretch. The following sections are open to horseback riding: Courtois Creek Section (35 miles); Trace Creek Section (24 miles); Marble Creek Section (8 miles); Wappapello Lake Section (33 miles); Victory Section (24 miles); Middle Fork Section (8 miles).  MORE INFO

Blue Ridge Trail

Near Winona, the Blue Ridge Horse Trail is a 10 mile route weaving through hills and hollows of the Ozarks. The Blue Ridge Trail covers a variety of Ozark terrain and can be linked with the Ozark Trail loop at Spring Creek for a total of 22.5 miles.  MORE INFO

St Joe State Park

West of Farmington, the 8,200 acre St Joe State Park has 15 miles of wooded horseback riding trails. Some of the trails are quite rocky, while others are good earthen trails. Some portions of the trails follow along small streams. Red Trail is a 7.5-mile loop trail that originates and ends at Pimville Road.  MORE INFO

Ridge Runner Trail

Near Willow Springs, the 38 mile Ridge Runner Trail consists of two horseback riding loops combining rolling trail and abandoned forest roads. Spring-time is spectacular with beautiful wildfloweres. The horseback riding route is also shared by hikers and mountain bikers.  MORE INFO

Eleven Point River Trail

Near Winona, the Eleven Point River Trail is a 35 mile route open to horseback riding. With two trailheads, the trail is popular with equestrians. It is tough to cover the whole trail in one day, even on horseback. So be sure to allow plenty of time.  MORE INFO

Berry Bend Equestrian Park

Near Warsaw, the Berry Bend Equestrian Park has 37 miles of trails. The horse trail is divided into two separate loops: the West Trail and the East Trail. Mile markers have been installed to aid users in determining their distance from Berry Bend Equestrian. The West Trail traverses many steep ridges and valleys. It is a challenge to both horse and rider.  MORE INFO