Best Ohio Horse Trails

Ohio has 32 horseback rides.

  October 3, 2018

Located in the US, the horseback riding in Ohio offers over thirty horseback riding trail routes from which to choose. The best Ohio horseback riding based on popularity are considered to be Hueston Woods State Park, Salt Fork State Park, Buckeye Trail, Alum Creek State Park, and Beaver Creek State Park. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Ohio horseback riding trail below.

Where Can I Ride Horses In Ohio?



Buckeye Trail

The blue-blazed Buckeye Trail is a 1,200 mile horseback riding loop encircling the entire State Of Ohio. This horse trail combines trails with towpaths, bridleways and roads. The Buckeye Trail is maintained by the Buckeye Trail Association.  MORE INFO

Hueston Woods State Park

North of Cincinatti near College Corner, the 3,600 acre Hueston Woods State Park has 15 miles of horse trails. A horsemens staging area are located off SR177 on Four Mile Valley Road.  MORE INFO

Alum Creek State Park

North of Columbus near Delaware, the Alum Creek State Park has 38 miles of trails open to horseback riding. The terrain has plenty of hills, stumps, and steams. The horse trails wind along the lakeshore through mature beech-maple forests and across deep ravines.  MORE INFO

Shawnee State Forest

With Ohio's largest unbroken expanse of forest, this old Shawnee Indian hunting ground north of the Ohio River is the most expansive State Forest at 59,603 acres. The gem of Shawnee State Forest is the 8,000 acre Wilderness Area. Overall, the forest contains over 75 miles of bridle trails. The best horse trail access for the Shawnee Forest is the horsemans camp.  MORE INFO

Bluegrass Trail

North of Ironton, the Bluegrass trail is a 10 mile horseback riding route that follows many ridges in a loop around Dean Hollow through oak-hickory forest and scattered pine plantations. With sections along the Ohio River, the 178,000 acres Wayne National Forest is situated on the Allegheny Plateau in southeastern Ohio. It has four parcels along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  MORE INFO

Barkcamp State Park

Northeast of Belmont, the 1200 acre Barkcamp State Park has 24 miles of bridle trails through rugged hills of meadows and forests. Barkcamps bridle trail meanders along the entire lakeshore affording a pleasant days ride.  MORE INFO

Zaleski State Forest

Within the 26,300 acre Zaleski State Forest has plenty of horseback riding trails. Horses may be ridden only along forest roads or on designated bridle trails.  MORE INFO

Great Seal State Park

South of Columbus and north of Chillicothe, the 1,900 acre Great Seal State Park has 17 miles of trails open to horseback riding. The 2.1 mile Sugarloaf Mountain Trail (yellow) climbs through dense maple-dominated forests to the crest of Sugarloaf. This loop is short and rises almost 500 feet in less than a quarter mile. The 7.8 mile Shawnee Ridge Trail (blue) comprises Bald Hill, Sand Hills and parts of Rocky Knob. Several steep sections are part of this forested trail. The aggressive 6.4 mile Mt. Ives Trail (orange) winds along Mt. Ives and provides several scenic vistas.  MORE INFO

Pine Creek ORV Trail System

North of Ironton and west of Portsmouth, the Pine Creek ATV Trail System has 20 miles of rolling trails through scenic forest open to horseback riding. Within the Wayne National Forest, there are three trailheads which service the three horse trails in this system.  MORE INFO

Tar Hollow State Forest

Northeast of Chillicothe, the 16,000 acre Tar Hollow State Forest has 33 miles of trails open to horseback riding. The best horse trail access is the large established horse camp.  MORE INFO

Steven Newman Perimeter Trail

Southeast of Cincinatti and southwest of Williamsburg, the East Fork State Park has a 55 miles of trails open to horseback riding. The 37 mile Steven Newman Perimeter Trail is open to horsemen.  MORE INFO

Pike State Forest

South of Chillicothe and west of Waverly, the 11,900 acre Pike State Forest has 33 miles of trails open to horseback riding. The horse trails wind through the hollows and ridge tops, offering the visitor a challenging ride as well as some beautiful scentery and breathtaking views.  MORE INFO

Lake Hope State Park

Within the 26,300 acre Zaleski State Forest is the Lake Hope State Park. It is a rugged, heavily forested region traversed by steep gorges and narrow ridges and has abandoned mines, ancient mounds and beautiful scenery. There are 6 miles horseback riding trails that traverse the lake and scenic woodlands.  MORE INFO

Vesuvius Horse Trail

North of Ironton and southeast of Pedro, the 46 mile Vesuvius Horse Trail system wind through lush forest near Lake Vesuvius. The Main Loop is a 31 mile route blazed with gray diamonds. The Kimble Loop is a 5 mile side loop. The Paddle Creek Loop is a 3 mile side loop.  MORE INFO

Kinderhook Horse Trail

East of Marietta, the Kinderhook Horse Trail is a 16 mile horseback riding route. The horse trail winds through steep hills through forest and open fields. The route is blazed with gray diamonds.  MORE INFO

Paint Creek State Park

West of Chillicothe and Bainbridge, the Paint Creek State Park has 25 miles of trails open to horseback riding. These horse trails are open to hiking and mountain biking so use care while riding.  MORE INFO