Barnwell Mountain OHV Area OHV Driving
Barnwell Mountain OHV Area

 Dallas, Texas  |    July 23, 2019

East of Dallas and northeast of Gilmer, the TMTC / Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area has over 150 miles over 1,800 acres open to OHV users. This area was opened in 2000 by the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition (TMTC).

White Rim Trail OHV Driving
White Rim Trail

 Moab, Utah  |    July 22, 2019

Southwest of Moab, the 100-mile loop on the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park has become revered as one of the finest OHV drives in the world. The trail clings to the precipitous canyon walls on narrow shelf roads, following the Green and Colorado rivers in a loop through the national park.

Valley Of Fire State Park OHV Driving
Valley Of Fire State Park

 Las Vegas, Nevada  |    July 21, 2019

Northeast of Las Vegas and west of Overton, the Valley Of Fire State Park has routes open to OHV users. This is a region of white sand stone which stands in stark contrast to the surrounding red sandstone. To reach the state park from Las Vegas, head east on US15 to SR169.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area OHV Driving
Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

 Oregon  |    July 20, 2019

West of Eugene and southwest of Florence, the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area has the regions most popular riding areas with 900 acres of sand dunes along the Oregon coast. The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area consists of 3 riding/staging areas: South Jetty To Siltcoos, Winchester Bay / Umpqua Dunes, and Spinreel (Tenmile Creek) To Horsfall. To reach the trailhead from Florence from SR126, head south on US101 for 0.5 miles.

Apalachicola National Forest OHV Driving
Apalachicola National Forest

 Florida  |    July 19, 2019

Just south of Tallahassee, the 500,000 acre Apalachicola National Forest permits OHV on several of its old forest roads. Just remember that unlicensed OHVs are not permitted on numbered forest service roads or on road shoulders.

Holy Cross City 4x4 Trail OHV Driving
Holy Cross City 4x4 Trail

 Vail, Colorado  |    June 6, 2019

Southwest of Minturn and Vail in the White River National Forest, there is a 3.8 mile OHV route leading to the Holy Cross City townsite. The Holy Cross City 4x4 Trail is an extremely challenging route that follows old FS 759.

Rausch Creek Off-Road Park OHV Driving
Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

 Pennsylvania  |    June 5, 2019

Southwest of Wilkes-Barre near Camp Hill, the Rausch Creek Offroad Park is open to OHV users. The park has over 30 miles of trails spread across 3,000 acres.

Medano Pass Primative Road OHV Driving
Medano Pass Primative Road

 Colorado  |    June 4, 2019

Southwest of Colorado Springs and northeast of Alamosa within Great Sand Dunes National Park, the Medano Pass Primative Road is a rugged OHV/4WD route leading up to Medano Pass. This 7 mile route typically takes around 3 hours from the paved park road up to the pass.

Ka'ena Point Road OHV Driving
Ka'ena Point Road

 Oahu, Hawaii  |    May 30, 2019

Northwest of Honolulu and west of Haleiwa on Oahu, the Ka'ena Point Road is a very rough 4WD road along the coast leading to the namesake coast. This unimproved road is only open to licensed vehicles only. To reach the 4WD/OHV trailhead for the Ka'ena Point Road from Haleiwa, head east on SR930 (aka Farrington Highway) past Dillingham Airfield.

Standard Wash OHV Area OHV Driving
Standard Wash OHV Area

 Lake Havasu, Arizona  |    April 4, 2019

Southeast of Lake Havasu City, the Standard Wash area has 7,500 acres open to OHV recreation. The routes are on existing roads and trails in the low desert. To reach the trailhead from Lak Havasu City, follow McCulloch Blvd to SR 95.

Corral Canyon OHV Area OHV Driving
Corral Canyon OHV Area

 San Diego, California  |    March 21, 2019

East of San Diego and Alpine near Buckman Springs in the Cleveland National Forest, the Corral Canyon OHV Area has over 1,800 acres of OHV routes through very rugged terrain. To reach the trailhead from San Diego, head east on US8 past El Cajon and Alpine (about 45 miles east of San Diego). Just past the Pine Valley exit, use the Buckman Springs Road exit and follow signs to Morena Creek.

Stoddard Valley OHV Area OHV Driving
Stoddard Valley OHV Area

 Barstow, California  |    March 20, 2019

Southwest of Barstow, the Stoddard Valley OHV Area has plenty of OHV trails. Stoddard Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area offers a diverse landscape for off-highway vehicle recreation.

Idaho Cenntenial Trail OHV Driving
Idaho Cenntenial Trail

 Idaho  |    March 3, 2019

In the Owyhee Desert, the Idaho Cenntenial Trail is a 103 mile OHV dirt & gravel jeep road with limited services that passes through the high desert with views of grasslands, red-walled river canyons, and the Santa Rosa Mountains. The majority of the route passes through pristine American West from Jordan Valley to Grand View.

Alpine Loop OHV Driving
Alpine Loop

 Colorado  |    February 3, 2019

Southeast of Montrose and southwest of Gunnison, the old mining town of Lake City provides a great starting point for exploring scenic alpine terrain by OHV users. This is some of the most beautiful mountains and rivers in the state, and therefore, is quite popular with OHV users.