Best Carson City OHV/4WD Trails

The Carson City area has 8 ohv/4wd trails out of the 11 off-highway vehicle routes found in Nevada.

  September 21, 2018

Located in Nevada, the OHV driving in Carson City offers more than a half-dozen beautiful OHV / 4WD trails. The best Carson City OHV driving based on popularity are considered to be Hungry Valley / Moon Rocks OHV Area, Ghost Town Loop, Sand Mountain Recreation OHV Area, Genoa Peak Road, and Boulder Flat.

Where Can I Drive OHVs In Carson City?

FEATURED:  Hungry Valley / Moon Rocks OHV Area

  Carson City, Nevada

  July 2, 2016

North of Reno and southwest of Pyramid Lake, the Hungry Valley / Moon Rocks OHV Area is open to all OHV users. It is a 20 acre open-riding area of rock and sand. Moon Rocks has more than enough trails to keep riders of all levels satisfied. From large flat areas where the kids can ride in circles all day, to gnarly, torock-infested hill climbs, there is something for everyone.

FEATURED:  Genoa Peak Road

  Carson City, Nevada

  July 21, 2016

Southwest of Carson City near Glenbrook, the Genoa Peak Road is a 10 mile OHV route above 8,000 feet. The road offers scenic vistas of the Lake Tahoe basin. It ascends up Genoa Peak (9,150 feet).

FEATURED:  Ghost Town Loop

  Carson City, Nevada

  July 19, 2016

Southeast of Carson City in the Bridgeport Ranger District, the Ghost Town Loop is a 32 mile OHV route through high desert. The route rolls through Bodie Hills and offers vistas of the Sierra Nevadas and the Sweeet water mountains.

FEATURED:  Boulder Flat

  Carson City, Nevada

  July 8, 2016

Southeast of Carson City in the Bridgeport Ranger District, the Boulder Flat is a 25 mile OHV route through a historic mining district. The route offers scenic vistas of tall peaks.

FEATURED:  Sand Mountain Recreation OHV Area

  Carson City, Nevada

  August 9, 2016

Southeast of Reno and Fallon, the Sand Mountain Recreation Area is located in the high desert of west central Nevada, 25 miles east of Fallon. Managed by the U. S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the sand dunes of the 4,795 acre recreation area provide challenge and excitement for many types of off-highway vehicle use. Spring and fall offer the best weather at Sand Mountain.

FEATURED:  Monitor Pass

  Carson City, Nevada

  June 23, 2016

South of Carson City and nort Markleeville, the Monitor Pass to US395 route is a 7 mile OHV drive that descends over 2,600 feet. This mountainside road offers scenic vistas into the Great Basin.

FEATURED:  Jackass Flat

  Carson City, Nevada

  June 29, 2016

Southeast of Carson City near Walker, the Jackass Flat route is 24 miles and runs the Sweetwater Mountains ridgeline. This OHV route connects with Risue Road.

FEATURED:  Risue Road

  Carson City, Nevada

  September 21, 2018

Southeast of Carson City near Walker, the Risue Road is a 16.5 mile OHV route through semi-arid desert. It runs along the deep Risue Canyon. This route connects with the Jackass Flat route.