Kansas Rocks Recreation Park For OHV Driving

The MOST popular off-highway vehicle trail in Kansas.

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Southeast of Topeka near Mapleton, the Kansas Rocks Recreation Park has miles of routes open to OHV users.

To reach the park from Fort Scott near the intersection of SR69 and SR54:

1. Take Hwy 54 west approximately 8 miles to 125th Street.

2. Go North on 125th Street 6 miles and turn East onto Tomahawk.

3. Follow Tomahawk East 1/2 mile to 130th.

4. Take 130th Street North 1/2 mile to the front gate of the park.

Note: Open weekends only.


Bad Axe Hill You think getting through Carnage Canyon is tough. Try exiting it to the right and you'll be calling this hill something else.

Bailey’s Bail Out A bail out or entrance to the South Forty and Tony’s Play Time. This will skirt the southern boundary of the park.

Big Bump This obstacle is at the far end of Tony’s Play Time. It is an unassuming little rock that is perched across the entire trail. While not large in size, it is certainly an obstacle that deserves respect.

Bob’s Bump Comes up through a draw and around a tree over some rocks and to grandmothers house we go.

Bronco Buster A short section in The South 40 that will pitch you up a vertical wall of about 6 feet tall. Big tires, low gears and no fear are the formula here.

Buckin Chute A very steep trail coming up from the clover patch has 3 exits at the top. Each one has progressively larger ledges to negotiate. And do not forget the rocks at the bottom that’ll get your rig buckin’.

Buck Hill This hill is the lead in to Step Up. Huge Buck Deer have been spotted here frequently.

Can Opener A huge rock ledge with an ominous tree that can rip your sheet metal just like a ‘CAN OPENER”

Cantmakeit Another wild and wooly exit from Carnage Canyon . The name says it all with a very steep hill topped off with a huge ledge. If that wasn’t enough, there are two trees just waiting to eat your lunch.

Carnage Canyon The real challenges for the real rigs. This rock strewn canyon has steep banks with 8 short challenges exiting the canyon. These trails certainly live up to their namesake.

Donny Vs Notch An off camber notch that leads you by an overhanging tree limb that can easily claim a mirror or window. Careful attention to you line will get you through easily.

Dusty s Drop A drop from the ridge trail around Timber Hill to a second level that includes a squeeze through and over some precarious rock ledges.

Easy Over This is a green trail up the side of the hill from the clover patch to get you to the ridge trail without having to take a Black Diamond hill. Watch out for the turns.

Eric’s Exit These two exits will test your suspension to the left or REALLY test it to the right. These are the Rocks that make up Rocky Ridge. Oh and the ridge too!

Fuglys Chute In Carnage Canyon, this short exit leaves out to the left and, well, is pretty “FUGLY”.

Gina’s Giggle Gulch This gulch will catch you off guard. It dives in on the east and has several exits that are not for the faint of heart. From a couple of steep rocky climbs to a draw that has an ongoing argument with an oak tree.

Head Wall This obstacle is at the end of Carnage Canyon. If you get this far, you will be met by a 3 foot rock sentinel guarding the 8 foot vertical wall that will test every part on your rig…not to mention your personal parts, as well.

Jakes Crack This rocky anomaly is between Killion’s Kruise and the Main Loop Trail. If off camber and huge, deep cracks scare you, take the bypass.

Jeremy’s Jaunt This trail leads over Timber Hill and the ridge trail.

Killion’s Kruise This trail comes off the Main Loop Trail and goes along the creek. It has two hills going up to Jake’s Crack and another that dives into the creek and up the hill to Wagon Trail and Carnage Canyon.

The Labyrinth As you wind through the trees and up Muskrat Hill, you will swear you are lost forever. This twisty trail will give you a workout.

Larry’s Cash Box A nice simple trail through the trees that meanders around the Labyrinth.

Main Loop Trail This trail loops the entire park and delves into each specific area. It is a well worn trail that can be distinguished between other trails by its wide flat area.

Meech Homestead Site This is the original home site of the Coles’ Great Grand Father, who currently owns this land.

Mikes Malice Linking up with Rocky Ridge, this trail will take you up over the rocks and through the trees.

Muskrat Hill Smack in the middle of the Labyrinth trail, this hill does a quick left turn up out of a creek bed then a sharp right to line you up for some rocky ledges at the top.

PinBall The trail that tests your brakes and steering at the same time. Negotiate your way around these trees on a down hill run and you will win the admiration of your spouse…..maybe.

Pond The Pond separates the south trails from the north trails. It is spring fed and hardly ever changes level.

Randys Relief A nice little jaunt around the pond in the trees. This trail has some articulation bumps that will test your shocks and springs. Be careful not to get on the black diamond trail to your right.

Robin’s Rollover Coming up the hill from the east side of the clover patch will pitch you one way then the other. If you didn’t like that, you can loop it to the left and try to keep from rolling again.

Rock Garden If you want more rocks to test your skills and rig, we have a huge pile just for you by the parking lot. do not get used to these as we change them periodically.

Rocky Ridge On the west side of the park, this rocky area runs through the trees and sees several draws that go up and down the ledges.

Roll -E- Pole -E- Near the Rock Garden, there are also some logs to test your articulation and springs. do not get used to these as we change them periodically.

Ron’s Rock In the middle of Tony’s Play Time, this rocky ledge is the introduction running down the creek.

Ruff’s Ride No rocks here. Tree roots are the name of this game as you get up and over trying to miss that fender eating tree.

Section 1 Entrance N 037º 57.630, W 094º 51.970, 1,030 ft

South 40 This area includes Tony’s Play Time, Ron’s Rock and Big Bump. It winds through some tight sections of Cedar trees and down through a creek bed. There are several loops in this area.

Sprattsville Trail This trail goes through the old homesteads of Sprattsville that was settled in 1885. You can see an old foundation and well near the trail. This ends with a dive into a draw and up the other side to the South Forty.

Step Up On the east side on Timber hill, this black trail goes up a nice 3 or 4 footer in a precarious off camber manner. You will definitely see some air time on this obnoxious obstacle.

Skull Hill A short romp up an almost impossible hill where a deer skull was found when cutting the trail.

Takanoah’s Garden This is a half moon shaped clearing half way up the hill that provided subsistence for the Takanoah family in the early 1900’s.

Takanoah’s Hill This hill is named after an American Indian that homesteaded an area just below the ridge. It is the highest spot in the park where you can look out to the west.

Takanoah’s Homestead Site This site was homesteaded in the early 1900’s by an American Indian, where he raised his family. There are some old artifacts and history nearby. Please do not disturb this site.

Timber Hill This area is across from the Pond and is very recognizable as a timber company came into this area, many years ago, to do some clearing of huge oak trees. It has a ridge top loop trail that leads down both sides of the hill.

Tom’s Tumble A gnarly hill coming out of the clover patch that will toss you over a stump only to have to negotiate the ledges near the top.

Tony’s Play Time Leading to the South Forty section is mired with great shady trails in the trees, creek beds and rocks. This trail has everything to offer.

Troxels Trough A short trail that often serves to get you back to the top on rainy days wraps around the creek and over ‘the trough’ bordering the wildlife viewing area. A great place for an impromptu picnic.

Turkey Hill The far north hill where a flock of turkeys can usually be seen late in the day.

Wagon Trail Leading up the hill from Carnage Canyon, this is the original wagon road that led into the homesteads from the east.

Warren ’s Warp This is a short but steep climb strewn with stumps and tree roots. The real treat is the turn to the right then back to the left right in the middle of the run. Nice!

Wildlife Viewing Area This area runs several hundred yards along the creek sides. It is a great place to spot turkey, bobcats, deer and a wide variety of lizards.

Zook Squeeze On the east side of the park, this small split between two huge rocks is just about big enough to squeeze a Suzuki through and up the 3 foot ledge to exit.

Overall, Kansas Rocks Recreation Park is the 1st most popular OHV & 4wd jeep trail of all 3 OHV routes in Kansas.


Local Contact(s):  Tuttle Creek (785) 539-8511; Kansas Tourism (800) 252-6727.

Base Camp:  Lake Frances Campground

Reference Source:  click here http://www.ksrockspark.com

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Kansas Rocks Recreation Park OHV Driving Map


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