Best Florida OHV/4WD Trails

Florida has 6 off-highway vehicle routes.

  September 4, 2021

Located in the US, the OHV driving in Florida offers a half-dozen good OHV riding options. The best Florida OHV driving based on popularity are considered to be Apalachicola National Forest, Hardrock Cycle Park, Bear Island Unit, Red Bird / Boundary Line, and Turner River Road. For a detailed OHV riding trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Florida OHV driving trail below.

Where Can I Drive OHVs In Florida?

FEATURED:  Apalachicola National Forest


  September 4, 2021

Just south of Tallahassee, the 500,000 acre Apalachicola National Forest permits OHV on several of its old forest roads. Just remember that unlicensed OHVs are not permitted on numbered forest service roads or on road shoulders. Luckily, there are tons of unnumbered forest roads and pathways throughout the forest.

FEATURED:  Hardrock Cycle Park


  August 9, 2016

North of Ocala, the Hardrock Park is one of the best areas in the state. Starting May 2007, there is a section dedicated to OHV and jeeps. This new area contains big climbs, a rock garden and trails.

FEATURED:  Ocean Pond Off Road Park


  September 20, 2018

West of Gainsville near Old Town, the 80 acre Ocean Pond Off Road Park is known for the 4WD mud racing events. There is a large mud bogging area.