Best Michigan OHV/4WD Trails

Michigan has 14 off-highway vehicle routes.

  September 20, 2018

Located in the US, the OHV driving in Michigan offers over ten good OHV trail destinations. The best Michigan OHV driving based on popularity are considered to be St Helen ORV Route, Mounds OHV Area, Silver Lake State Park, Bull Gap OHV Trail, and Coal Wood OHV Trail. For a detailed OHV riding trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Michigan OHV driving trail below.

Where Can I Drive OHVs In Michigan?

Michigan OHV Driving Resources

FEATURED:  St Helen ORV Route


  August 2, 2016

East of St Helen, the St Helen ORV Route is a trail system consisting of numerous loops totaling 30 miles. There is also a two square mile open play area. There are some minor hill climbs and scrambles.

FEATURED:  Bull Gap OHV Trail


  August 2, 2016

In Oscoda County, the Bull Gap ORV trail has 115 miles of routes open to OHV routes. There are several trails and a sand hill. While these trails are open year round, May through October are recommended to avoid muddy conditions.

FEATURED:  Silver Lake State Park


  August 13, 2016

Northwest of Grand Rapids and west of Mears in Oceana County, the 3000 acre Silver Lake State Park has a 450 acre ORV area with sand dunes (aka Silver Lake Dunes). This area is very crowded on the weekends, which should be avoided.

FEATURED:  Mounds OHV Area


  July 14, 2016

Near Flint in Genesee County, the Mounds ORV Park has trails open to OHV users. Open year-round, but from March 15 – May 15, no trucks are allowed are restricted to the eight-acre scramble area only.

FEATURED:  Coal Wood OHV Trail


  March 26, 2018

South of Shingleton, the Coal Wood Trail is a 14 mile OHV route along an old railroad grade through northern hardwood and red pine stands. The route is marked and easy to follow. It runs between Hwy M-94 East and Hwy M-94 West.

FEATURED:  Atlanta ORV Trail


  August 3, 2016

In Montmorrency County northeast of Atlanta, the Atlanta ORV Trail system has 82 miles of OHV routes through state forest land. The system consists of a series of loops.