Best Oklahoma OHV/4WD Trails

Oklahoma has 5 off-highway vehicle routes.

  September 21, 2018

Located in the US, the OHV driving in Oklahoma is known for five fun OHV trails. The best Oklahoma OHV driving based on popularity are considered to be Camp Gruber OHV Park, Hogans Offroad Park, Little Sahara State Park, Beaver Dunes State Park, and Appalachia Bay ORV Area. For a detailed OHV riding trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Oklahoma OHV driving trail below.

Where Can I Drive OHVs In Oklahoma?

FEATURED:  Beaver Dunes State Park


  July 24, 2016

North of Beaver in the panhandle, the Beaver Dunes State Park has 520 acres open to OHV users. The park is located one mile north of Beaver.

FEATURED:  Camp Gruber OHV Park


  August 16, 2016

North of Muskogee and Braggs, the Gruber Recreation Area has 450 acres open to OHV users. This is an old quarry site with rocks and wooded trails on the banks of the Arkansas River.

FEATURED:  Little Sahara State Park


  July 25, 2016

Northwest of Oklahoma City and south of Waynoka, the 1,500 acre Little Sahara State Park has amazing sand dunes for OHV users. This is the largest dune riding area in the state. To the west and northwest are the largest dunes, offering fantastic views, especially of sunsets with the Glass Mountains in the distance. In the middle there are cottonwood trees, yucca plants and stands of tall grass that form trails.

FEATURED:  Appalachia Bay ORV Area


  September 21, 2018

West of Tulsa around Keystone Lake, the Appalachia Bay ORV Area has 600 acres sandy trails open to OHV routes. The terrain is sandy and ranges from open beaches to rolling forested trails. There is also a large circuit of sandy trails that meander through very tall briars.