Best Texas OHV/4WD Trails

Texas has 11 off-highway vehicle routes.

  September 21, 2018

Located in the US, the OHV driving in Texas offers over ten good OHV trail destinations. The best Texas OHV driving based on popularity are considered to be Barnwell Mountain OHV Recreational Area, Hidden Falls Adventure OHV Park, Long Ranch Off Road Vehicle Park, General Sams OHV Park, and Trees Ranch Offroad Park. For a detailed OHV riding trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Texas OHV driving trail below.

Where Can I Drive OHVs In Texas?


Texas OHV Driving Resources


Barnwell Mountain OHV Recreational Area

East of Dallas and northeast of Gilmer, the TMTC / Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area has over 150 miles over 1,800 acres open to OHV users. This area was opened in 2000 by the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition (TMTC). The rolling routes pass through rugged, heavily-wooded areas on an old iron ore mine.  MORE INFO

Long Ranch Off Road Vehicle Park

Northwest of Austin near Llano, the Long Ranch Off Road Vehicle Park has over 1,300 acres open to offroad riding with trails and rock crawling. The Long Ranch Off Road Vehicle Park is closed during deer hunting season.  MORE INFO

Trees Ranch Offroad Park

Northwest of San Antonio near Kerville in Texas Hill Country, the 5500 acre Trees Ranch Off Road Park is open to OHV users. The level of difficulty of the routes range from beginner through expert.  MORE INFO

Hidden Falls Adventure OHV Park

Northwest of Austin and east of Marble Falls, the Boulder Creek OHV Park has 3,600 acres open to OHV vehicles. There are miles of trails with creek crossings, hill climbs, rocks, ruts and roots.  MORE INFO

River Run ATV Park

Near Jacksonville, the 2000 acre River Run ATV Park has a variety of riding opportunities for 4x4s and 4WDs. There are dry and muddy OHV trails crossing hills and the Neches River.  MORE INFO

General Sams OHV Park

Near Huntsville, the 700 acre General Sams Off-Road Park is open to OHV users. The park has over 35 trails.  MORE INFO

Katemcy Rocks / Kruse Off-Road

Northwest of Austin and north of Mason, the 800 acre Kruse Off-Road Park / Katemcy Rocks area is open to OHV users. Katemcy Rocks has several main trails along with a wide variety of indivitual obstacles and play areas.  MORE INFO

Rosita ORV Area

North of Amarillo near Fritch, the Lake Meredith National Recreation Area has OHV trails. The area is divided into 2 sections, Rosita ORV Area and Blue Creek Bridge ORV Area. The Rosita ORV Area has plenty of challenge with sand and hill climbs through diverse terrain. The 275 acre Blue Creek Bridge ORV Area is more remote and much drier than the Rosita ORV Area, with plenty of hill climbs and cliffs.  MORE INFO