Best Allegheny National Forest Cross Country Skiing Trails

The Allegheny National Forest area has 7 cross country ski trails out of the 34 cross country skiing areas found in Pennsylvania.

  September 25, 2018

Located in Pennsylvania, the cross country skiing in Allegheny National Forest offers more than a half-dozen beautiful cross-country ski trails. The best Allegheny National Forest cross country skiing based on popularity are considered to be Clarion/Little Toby Creek Trail, Buzzard Swamp Loop, Laurel Mill Ski Trail, Brush Hollow Ski Trail, and Westline Ski Trail. For a detailed Nordic ski trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Allegheny National Forest cross country skiing trail below.

Where Can I Cross Country Ski In Allegheny National Forest?

FEATURED:  Brush Hollow Ski Trail

  Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania

  July 7, 2016

Northwest of Ridgway, the Brush Hollow area has 12km of ungroomed cross country skiing. There are three loops: Challenger, Brushy Gap and Elli Loop (more difficult).

FEATURED:  Laurel Mill Ski Trail

  Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania

  August 13, 2016

West of Ridgway, the Laurel Mill area has 16 km of ungroomed cross country ski trails. The trail is clearly marked with blue diamond-shaped markers on trees.

FEATURED:  Hearts Content Ski Trail

  Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania

  September 25, 2018

South of Warren, the Hearts Content Cross-Country Ski Area offers 8km of loops for nordic skiing. These ungroomed trails pass through dense oak and hickory forests, along with some old-growth. There are usually not too many others up there in the winter and the roads may not be plowed. But, if you can make it you should find some solitude.