Best Poughkeepsie Cross Country Skiing Trails

The Poughkeepsie area has 5 cross country ski trails out of the 61 cross country skiing areas found in New York.

  August 13, 2016

Located in New York, the cross country skiing in Poughkeepsie is known for five fun and beautiful XC ski routes. The best Poughkeepsie cross country skiing based on popularity are considered to be Bear Mountain Loop Trail, Rampo-Dunderberg Trail, Mohonk Mountain House, Clarence Fahnesock State Park, and Fahnestock Winter Park. For a detailed Nordic ski trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Poughkeepsie cross country skiing trail below.

Where Can I Cross Country Ski In Poughkeepsie?

FEATURED:  Clarence Fahnesock State Park

  Poughkeepsie, New York

  July 17, 2016

North of NYC and southeast of Newburgh, the Clarence Fahnesock State Park has over 70 miles of trails. Many routes are shared by cross country skiers and snowmobilers. All the trails are blazed with round plastic discs of varying colors, or painted rectangular marks.