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The 12th most popular XC Ski in Colorado.

  Frisco, Colorado, US


  August 5, 2016

Northwest of Kremmling, the Latigo Ranch has 65 km of groomed tracks through meadows and pine forests, along with access to the ANFs 200 square miles of backcountry cross country ski powder. Check out the 15km Hinman Reservoir trail for alittle challenge. Keep in mind the altitude is 8,600 feet to 9,400.


1) WATERFALL & WATERFALL RUN: It is gentle downhill 90% of the way to the waterfall - that means 90% uphill coming home! Beautiful view of valley and Continental Divide. We recommend this run for people just arriving at Latigo; it is not as strenuous as some and helps you acclimatize more gradually. To see the waterfall itself, take a right at the Lodge sign at the eastern tip of the groomed trail and parallel the creek until you come to the falls, 1/4 mile beyond. From the sign, the trail is not groomed and may be quite challenging, but worth it. TERRAIN: Short runs of medium downhill with long stretches of gentle downhill ACCESS: Begin near barn or at trail head to east of lodge.

2) SNOWSHOE LOOP: A short loop good for beginner practice. Also good for telemark practice. TERRAIN: Medium downhill ACCESS: Arena Run or Meadow Loop.

3) SLALOM HILL: This wide, packed hill offers lots of fun for all levels of skiers who want to practice turns, stops or telemark techniques. TERRAIN: Medium hill. ACCESS: Either through Snowshoe Loop or Meadow Loop.

4) MEADOW LOOP: This loop is great for practicing strides or for those who want long, flat stretches with very little uphill or downhill. You get some wide open views from the meadow.

TERRAIN: Flat, open ACCESS: Trail head to east of lodge.

5) CLIFFHANGER: This run is work! And fun! Upper route near Meadow Loop is gentle, easy. Run to the bottom is very steep, but great for telemarking off the track. TERRAIN: Upper run gentle, middle run medium hills, lower loop very steep. ACCESS: Waterfall Run, Saddle View or Meadow Loop.


1) SADDLE VIEW: This trail parallels the irrigation canal and is therefore quite flat. A quiet ski in spectacular stands of aspen, it offers great protection on windy days. 2 miles from Latigo the saddle overlooking Red Dirt Creek Valley is a view you won t forget. TERRAIN: Flat, aspens, pine. ACCESS: East of lodge.

2) HINMAN VALLEY: If you continue east from Saddle View, you can ski 5 miles downhill to the valley bottom. Do not expect to ski back up from the bottom unless you are a very strong skier. Arrange ahead of time for us to pick you up at the bottom in the ranch van and transport you back to the ranch. This route takes you through a diversity of habitats and fascinating geomorphology. An ancient sea covering Colorado about 70 million years ago deposited the shales you see here. TERRAIN: Medium to steep 5 miles, 1 mile uphill near the end. ACCESS: Saddle View or Luge.

3) HINMAN PLUNGE: This is the beginning of a commitment. A wonderful straight downhill zoom. But that means return uphill! TERRAIN: Long, gentle slope. ACCESS: Saddle View or Luge.

4) ROCK GARDEN & DOE HOLLOW: Doe Hollow is a close-in loop perfect for beginner practice on a gentle slope with a gentle turn You can get a nice view of the ranch and the valley below from the Rock Garden. These loops are very close to the ranch and easy to get to, with little elevation gain. TERRAIN: Flat, gentle slopes. ACCESS: Trail head above lodge near guest cabins.


1) FIRE RING: A beautiful run through lodgepole pine gives you some practice on all types of terrain. This is good for the beginner who wants to discover new areas.

TERRAIN: Undulating with short, medium pitches. ACCESS: Trail head above lodge near guest cabins.

2) AARGH!: This challenging trail has several steep pitches. It flows downhill from west to east. TERRAIN: Varied, flat to very steep. ACCESS: Fire Ring or Sunrise.

3) JUMPER FLATS: For spectacular views of the Continental Divide and the Rabbit Ears Range to the North, climb to Jumper Flats. Best skied from Otter Slide, which is steep and gains several hundred feet elevation to put you on top of this flat mesa. Elk, deer, coyotes, snowshoe rabbits and ermine frequent the area. Be prepared for windy conditions on top. TERRAIN: Steep approach to top; flat on top. Variety of open areas and timbered slopes. Take RANCH OVERLOOK for a great view of the Latigo. ACCESS: Fire Ring, Otter Slide, Homestead, Sunrise or Luge.

4) ELK CREEK, BEAVERTOOTH, ANTLER DRAW & BULL RIDGE: These remote trails are demanding, because of their distance from the ranch, the climb to get to them and their challenging hills. Super views. Be prepared for windy conditions. TERRAIN: Flat ridges dropping in and out of long, deep gullies. ACCESS: Jumper Flats.

5) KASDORF LOOP: For an immense view of Latigo, Eagle's Nest Wilderness, Middle Park Valley and the Continental Divide, push to the top of the loop! Watch for signs of elk. TERRAIN: Long, steep hill. ACCESS: Sunrise, Jumper Flats or Luge.

6) THE LUGE: This idyllic trail from Jumper Flats to Saddle View is exhilarating - a long, downhill run with lots of turns through spruce and fir. Ski it from west to east (top to bottom). For an unforgettable ski, whoosh downhill all the way from the top to Hinman. (See note on Hinman first!). TERRAIN: steep, narrow, winding. ACCESS: Jumper Flats or Sunrise.

7) SUNRISE: As a shortcut to and from Jumper Flats, Sunrise offers a beautiful view, but is steep and difficult. Sunrise is also a good access to the top of the Luge from the ranch, saving over a mile. TERRAIN: steep, straight, very fast. ACCESS: Jumper-Flats-to-Luge trail or Saddle View.


1) PALEO POINT: From Doe Hollow this gorgeous route meanders gently through pine forest, opening up into a long, gentle descent to Coyote Run and Red Dirt Res. Trail. Take a short, easy jaunt to Latigo Point for a refreshing view of the ranch and areas south. Great trip for adventurous beginners. TERRAIN: Flat, winding. ACCESS: Doe Hollow.

2) RED DIRT RESERVOIR: The round trip to Red Dirt Reservoir by way of the creek valley covers about 6 miles. The trail passes through pine forests and parallels a mountain stream fringed with willows, somewhere under the snow! TERRAIN: Gentle uphill to reservoir. ACCESS: Paleo Point or Coyote Run

3) COYOTE RUN: You get a little bit of everything on this one. Steep hills, flats, timber turns. It's a fun run, but probably not for the beginners first time out. Most enjoyable skiing from Doe Hollow. TERRAIN: Medium to steep hills, flat runs. ACCESS: Doe Hollow or trail head outside our main gate on road coming into ranch

4) OTTER SLIDE: The slide connects the High, Middle and Western routes. It is very steep at times. TERRAIN: Steep. ACCESS: Jumper Flats, Red Dirt East or Fire Ring.

5) HOMESTEAD: This fast route from Jumper Flats skis downhill all the way to Red Dirt Reservoir. It can be exciting and isn't for beginners! TERRAIN: Very long, steep hill. ACCESS: Jumper Flats or Red Dirt Reservoir.



To reach Latigo Ranch from Kremmling, head northwest on US40 toward Steamboat Springs for 6 miles. Turn left on SR134 toward Toponas for 4 miles to Red Dirt Road or County Road 19. Turn right onto Red Dirt Road and follow the signs to Latigo Ranch. We are about 6 miles from Hwy 134.

Overall, Latigo Ranch is the 12th most popular cross country ski area of all 52 Nordic ski destinations in Colorado. Several of the better cross country ski trails are nearby Latigo Ranch including Devils Thumb Ranch, Eldora Mountain Resort, Frisco Nordic Center, Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center, Keystone Nordic Center and Breckenridge Nordic.

Local Contacts:  ANF (303) 498-1100; Local Tourism (970) 724-3472; CO Visitors (800) COLORADO.

Best Season:  Dec. - Mar.

Average Difficulty:  Mixed

Base Camp:  Latigo Ranch, Kremmling (800) 227-9655

Luxury Loding:  The Vintage Hotel (970) 726-8801

Breakfast Restaurant:  Pika Bagel; Paintbrush Cafe; Clint's Coffeehouse.

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GPS:  40.1596, -106.5497

Date Published:  1/2/2016

Date Updated:  8/5/2016

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