Best Adirondack State Park Snowmobile Trails

The Adirondack State Park area has 6 snowmobile trails out of the 50 snowmobiling rides found in New York.

  September 11, 2021

Located in New York, the snowmobiling in Adirondack State Park offers a half-dozen good snowmobiling options. The best Adirondack State Park snowmobiling based on popularity are considered to be Old Forge, Lake George, Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest, Lake Placid, and Hamilton County. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Adirondack State Park snowmobiling trail below.

Where Can I Snowmobile In Adirondack State Park?

FEATURED:  Old Forge

  Adirondack State Park, New York

  September 11, 2021

Southeast of Watertown and northeast of Syracuse, the popular Old Forge area has over 500 miles of snowmobiling in the Adirondack Mountains. It is considered the snowmobile capital of New York and interconnects with Central and Update New York snowmobile trail systems. While the Old Forge snowmobile trails officially open in early December, the best snowmobiling is usually in January and February. Note: Since these are groomed trail systems, a local paid trail permit is required to ride this system. The Town of Webb/Inlet Trail Permit is the required permit.

FEATURED:  Lake George

  Adirondack State Park, New York

  September 30, 2020

North of Saratoga Springs, the area between Lake George and Lake Luzerne has miles of groomed snowmobile trails. The Lake George snowmobile trails are groomed by the South Warren Snowmobile Club.

FEATURED:  Lake Placid

  Adirondack State Park, New York

  July 15, 2016

Near Lake Placid, there is an extensive trail system maintained by the Lake Placid Snowmobile Club. The snowmobile trails fork in Lake Placid with a route heading southeast towards Keene and one heading northeast to Wilmington.