Best Iowa Snowmobile Trails

Iowa has 25 snowmobiling rides.

  September 19, 2018

Located in the US, the snowmobiling in Iowa offers over twenty awesome snowmobile riding trails. The best Iowa snowmobiling based on popularity are considered to be Chichaqua Valley Trail, Big Creek State Park, Backbone State Park, Heritage Trail, and Raccoon River Valley Trail. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Iowa snowmobiling trail below.

Where Can I Snowmobile In Iowa?

FEATURED:  Big Creek State Park


  July 16, 2016

North of Polk City, the 3,500 acre Big Creek State Park has 13 miles of snowmobile trails. The snowmobile riding is in the Big Creek and Saylorville areas.

FEATURED:  Chichaqua Valley Trail


  July 16, 2016

East of Bondurant, the Chichaqua Valley Trail is a 20 mile snowmobile route from Bondurant to Baxter. The Chichaqua Valley Trail is built on an old railroad bed and now has either a crushed gravel or asphalt surface.

FEATURED:  Prairie Farmer Trail


  August 3, 2016

The Prairie Farmer Trail is a 20 mile route from Calmar to Cresco open to snowmobiling. The Prairie Farmer Trail snowmobile route follows an old railroad grade through prairie.

FEATURED:  Backbone State Park


  August 10, 2016

North of Dundee and south of Strawberry Point, the 2,000 acre Backbone State Park has 21 miles of snowmobile trails. Since three of the park gates are closed in the winter, the best access is...

FEATURED:  Heritage Trail


  June 25, 2016

Near Dubuque, the Heritage Trail is a 26 mile route from Dubuque to Dyersville open to snowmobiling. It follows an old railroad grade through deep rugged woodlands with sheer limestone bluffs.

FEATURED:  Cinder Path


  August 11, 2016

Near Chariton, the Cinder Path is a 14 mile route from Chariton to Humeston open to snowmobiling. The snowmobile route follows an old railroad grade through the Chariton River Valley.

FEATURED:  Shimek State Forest


  August 14, 2016

East of Farmington, the 9,000 acre Shimek State Forest has 14 miles of snowmobile trails through dense pine forests in the Keosauqua Unit. The snowmobile trailhead is near the Shimek State Forest headquarters.