Best Maine Snowmobile Trails

Maine has 25 snowmobiling rides.

  September 19, 2018

Located in the US, the snowmobiling in Maine offers over twenty awesome snowmobile riding trails. The best Maine snowmobiling based on popularity are considered to be Mount Blue State Park, Katahdin Region, White Mountain National Forest, Rangeley Lakes, and Moosehead Lake. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Maine snowmobiling trail below.

Where Can I Snowmobile In Maine?


Maine Snowmobiling Resources


Mount Blue State Park

North of Weld, the 5,000 acre Mount Blue State Park has 35 miles of challenging snowmobiling trails through Maines rugged western mountains. The snowmobile trails connect with ITS89 and Avon. Keep an eye out for moose and other wildlife.  MORE INFO

Rangeley Lakes

This region in the western mountains of Maine has many logging roads and winter recreation trails. The more popular snowmobile routes at Rangeley Lakes include: Rangeley Lake Loop, City Pond Loop, Quimby/Dodge Pond Loop, Bald Mountain Loop, and Beaver Mountain Loop.  MORE INFO

Moosehead Lake

Near Moosehead Lake, there is a 65 mile snowmobile trail network maintained by the Kokadjo Roach Riders Snowmobile Club. For snowmobiling near Moosehead Lake and the rest of state, all riders, resident and non-resident alike, must register their snowmobiles in Maine to ride in Maine.  MORE INFO


Northeast of Portland, the Bangor snowmobile trail network has a total of 70 miles of groomed routes. The Bangor snowmobiling trails located east of town are maintained by the Eastern Maine Snowmobilers Club.  MORE INFO

Lewiston Trail System

North of Portland in Aroostock County, the Lewiston Trail System is a nice snowmobile trail network maintained by the Hillside Family Riders club. In addition to the Lewiston Trail System, just northeast of Lewiston, the main ITS87 trail runs due north towards Livermore Falls.  MORE INFO

Squaw Mountain

Near Greenville above Moosehead Lake, the Squaw Mountain area has 30 miles of snowmobile trails (aka Moosehead Snowmobile Loop Trail). These trails connect with routes to Jackman and Greenville. Parking is located in the East Cove area in the town of Greenville.  MORE INFO

Camden Hills State Park

North of Camden, the 5,550 acre Camden State Park has 25 miles of trails open to snowmobiling. The Snowmobile Trail leads from Bald Rock Mountain down to Mount Battie. Most trails lead up to peaks.  MORE INFO

Eustis-Stratton Area

North of Augusta, the Eustis-Stratton Area has a 128 mile snowmobile trail system maintained by the Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club. The groomed trail system links to Grand Falls, Rangeley, Carrabasset and up to Canada.  MORE INFO


Just north of Portland, the Cumberland snowmobiling trail system is maintained by the Moonlite Sno-Skimmers Snowmobile Club. The snowmobile trail access is in Cumberland Center.  MORE INFO