Best North Dakota Snowmobile Trails

North Dakota has 17 snowmobiling rides.

Located in the US, the snowmobiling in North Dakota offers over fifteen snowmobile trail rides. The best North Dakota snowmobiling based on popularity are considered to be Peace Garden Trail System, Sheyenne Valley Trail System, Little Missouri Trail System, May-Port Trail System, and Cat-Tail Trail. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a North Dakota snowmobiling trail below.


Peace Garden Trail System

In the north central part of the state is the Peace Garden Trail which runs through the Turtle Mountains creating a beautiful scenic snowmobile ride. The Peace Garden Trail Association has 350 miles of marked groomed snowmobile trails. This trail system connects with the Canadian trail system at Carbury Port and at the Peace Gardens. The International Peace Gardens and the Lake Metigoshe State Park are located on the trail system.  MORE INFO

Missouri Valley Trail System

The Missouri Valley Trail Association (formerly known as the Rough Rider Trail Association) consists of approximately 170 miles of snowmobile trail in the south central part of the state. The snowmobiling trailhead for the Missouri Valley Trail System is located 1.5 miles South of I-94s Exit 61 on Bismarck Expressway. This trail runs east 22 miles along Highway 10 to Sterling, where food and gas are available.  MORE INFO

May-Port Trail System

The May-Port System is about mid-state on the Minnesota border and is open to snowmobilng. This 90-mile trail has a nice river bottom run with some shelterbelts and stops at 6 different towns. May-Port Trail System is groomed for snowmobiling and signed by two clubs, the May-Port Sno-Travelers and the Cummings Driftriders.  MORE INFO

Little Missouri Trail System

The Little Missouri Trail Association has two systems amounting in 52 miles of signed groomed snowmobiling trail with both of the trailhead's starting in Dickinson, North Dakota. The first trail system follows Highway 10 East to South Heart and Belfield which totals an amount of 20 miles of trail.  MORE INFO

Pembina Gorge Trail System

The Northeast Trail System, better known as the Pembina Gorge Trail, is located in the northeast corner of the state. This snowmobile trail system has 490 miles of groomed trails. The Gorge itself is a must see natural phenomenon.  MORE INFO

Cat-Tail Trail

The snowmobile trailhead for the Cat-Tail Trail is at Hope, located northwest of Fargo. This is a 107-mile ungroomed snowmobiling trail and is the newest in the state snowmobile trail system.  MORE INFO

Red River Trail System

The Red River North Trail Association has 180 miles of marked groomed snowmobile trails with a variety of riding areas. The western half of the association is mainly ditch and shelter belt riding and the eastern half follows the Red River and the woods from Park River to Hoople.  MORE INFO

Sakakawea Trail System

The Sakakawea Trail System is in the northwest corner of the state and is open to snowmobiling. This system is two trails that meet at Lake Sakakawea. Williston, which is the north part, comes southeast along the shore of Lake Sakakawea for about 16 miles then goes north for 4 miles and turns west to make a loop. The whole system is about 70 miles.  MORE INFO

East Central Valley Trail System

The Sheyenne Valley Trail East snowmobiling system is located in the southern portion of North Dakota and primarily covers Cass County. Two clubs maintain and groom the trails within this association: Red River Sno-Riders and Rural Cass Snowmobile Club. The Red River Sno-Riders maintain approximately 100 miles.  MORE INFO

Southeast Lake Region Trail System

The Southeast Lake Region Trail Association has 120 miles of marked and groomed snowmobile trail which starts in Doyon and travels southeast to Finley. The towns this snowmobile trail travels through include: Doyon, Tolna, Lakota, Pekin, McVille, Aneta, Sharon, and Finley. From Aneta to Tolna the trail system travels the Sheyenne River bottom creating a scenic drive through the trees. There is parking located in every town and free maps are available at the gas stations and cafes.  MORE INFO

Northeast Trail System

The Northeast Trail System, known as the Pembina Gorge Trail, is located in the northeast corner of the state. This snowmobile trail system is the largest and longest in the state system with over 700 miles of groomed trails. The Gorge itself is a must see natural phenomenon. This system ties into the Canadian trail at 4 major points and it also ties into two major Minnesota trails. This snowmobile trail offers miles of riding and usually has very good snow.  MORE INFO

Southern Valley Trailriders System

The Southern Valley system is 200 miles of groomed snowmobile trail which links nearly every city in Richland County, the Fargo trail system to the north, the Minnesota system to the southeast, the South Dakota system to the south, the Dakota Magic Casino, and the new Milnor trail system to the west. The trail system is groomed with funding from SND and members from over 200 families and businesses.  MORE INFO