Best Washington Snowmobile Trails

Washington has 28 snowmobiling rides.

  November 5, 2020

Located in the US, the snowmobiling in Washington offers over twenty awesome snowmobile riding trails. The best Washington snowmobiling based on popularity are considered to be Cle Elum - North, Mount Baker NRA SnoPark, Mount Adams, Cle Elum - South, and Lake Chelan - South Shore. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Washington snowmobiling trail below.

Where Can I Snowmobile In Washington?


FEATURED:  Mount Baker NRA SnoPark

  Snoqualmie, Washington

  October 28, 2020

East of Bellingham and north of Concrete, the Mount Baker National Recreation Area SnoPark provides access to two trail systems, Schriebers Meadow and Blue Lake. The Schriebers Meadow system has 18 miles of groomed trail. The Blue Lake trail system has 16 miles of groomed trails.

FEATURED:  John Wayne Pioneer Trail

  Snoqualmie, Washington

  July 30, 2016

East of Seattle, the 108 mile John Wayne Pioneer Trail is open to snowmobiling and follows the former roadbed of the Chicago-Milwaukee-St. Paul-Pacific Railroad stretching from the Cascades to the Idaho border. The 100-mile portion from Cedar Falls (near North Bend) to the Columbia River near Vantage is managed as Iron Horse State Park.

FEATURED:  Lake Chelan - South Shore

  Cle Elum, Washington

  August 16, 2016

North of Wenatchee and Chelan, the Lake Chelan area has over 200 miles of groomed snowmobile trails at elevations ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 feet. The Lake Chelan Valley is ranked as one of the top 20 snowmobiling locations in the western US.

FEATURED:  Chewelah Mountain


  November 5, 2020

West of Newport and east of Chewelah in the Kaniksu National Forest, the Chewelah Mountain area has 159 miles of groomed snowmobile trails at elevations ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 feet. The Flowery Trail Sno-park provides access to the Chewelah Mountain area and the numerous groomed snowmobile trails.

FEATURED:  Rose Springs Snopark

  Walla Walla, Washington

  November 5, 2020

South of Pomeroy, the Rose Springs Sno-park provides access to an extensive groomed snowmobile trail network. The Colverland Snopark provides access to the southeastern end of this trail system.

FEATURED:  Eightmile Snopark

  Okanogan National Forest, Washington

  October 28, 2020

North of Winthrop, the Eightmile Sno-park provides access to an extensive groomed snowmobile trail network including Eightmile Trail, Cub Pass Trail, Banker Pass Trail and Sweetgrass Butte Trail. The Boulder Creek SnoPark also provides access to these trails.