Best Tennessee Hiking Trails

Tennessee has 23 hikes.

  October 16, 2018

Located in the US, the hiking in Tennessee offers over twenty awesome hiking and backpacking trails. The best Tennessee hiking based on popularity are considered to be Appalachian Trail, John Muir Trail, Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail, Norris Watershed, and Chickasaw State Park. For a detailed trail description and printable trailhead map, just select a Tennessee hiking trail below.

Where Can I Hike In Tennessee?


FEATURED:  John Muir Trail

  Big South Fork, Tennessee

  October 16, 2018

Near Oneida in northcentral Tennessee, the 43 mile John Muir Trail follows the ridge above the 500 foot gorge formed by the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River. Starting at the O - W Bridge, the blue-blazed trail passes waterfalls, sandstone arches and bluffs and lush forests of oak, maple and poplar. The winding route ends at the boundary of Pickett State Forest.

FEATURED:  Haw Ridge Park


  October 16, 2018

West of Knoxville and east of Oak Ridge, the Haw Ridge Park has 20 miles of hiking trails. There are steep, technical climbs and plenty of roots and rocks. These multi-purpose trails are also shared with mountain bikers and horseback riders.

FEATURED:  Prentice Cooper


  November 20, 2016

North of Chattanooga, the Prentice Cooper Wildlife Management Area has 80 miles of trails and roads open to hiking. Since this area is very popular with hunters and ATV riders, keep an eye out for these forest users.

FEATURED:  Cumberland Trail State Park


  July 10, 2016

The Cumberland Trail extends 283 miles from Chattanooga in the southwest up to Cumberland Gap in the northeast. It offers hikers a chance to explore Tennessees beauty along the Cumberland Plateau. The Cumberland Trail Conference maintains and develops the route.

FEATURED:  Cooper Road Trail

  Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

  June 27, 2016

North of Chilhowee, the Cooper Road Trail is a 10.5 mile route. This hiking trail is part of a 19 mile loop including Rabbit Creek Trail. The best trailhead is located at Abrams Creek Campground.

FEATURED:  Concord Park

  Knoxville, Tennessee

  August 1, 2016

Near West Knoxville along the shores of Fort Loudoun, the Concord Park has several miles of trails open to hiking. The short west loop (2.1 miles) starts and ends just west of the parking area. The trail winds around the ridge through pines and hardwood and has some technical sections.